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Dec 1, 2017

It's only December 1st

It's been one of those weeks! And it's about to be one of those months.

We arrived home from Thanksgiving vacation in Kansas late Sunday evening. It's always good to see my sister in law and her family! Such a much needed trip for our family.

We finished our custom harvest job this week for our Mennonite neighbor. Harvest '17 is OFFICIALLY OVER for us. The combine can now go into hibernation.

I've been working diligently in the office trying to take care of some hot projects for clients. My husband has been working on end of the year quotes for his customers. We've had several meetings and this weekend is full of fun events with friends. More meetings, events and projects next week.

I have no idea when we will get our Christmas decorations up or get to our Christmas shopping. And you know what? For the first time, I don't care. It's only December 1st.

It always gets done.

It'll happen when it happens.

So many of us stress over the holiday season. It's a season I don't look forward to for many reasons but this year, it's time for a an attitude adjustment.

I am going to focus on the people and all the wonderful events. Not the things or the details in-between.

I've already worked on some ideas to eliminate stress.

What have you done over the years to make your holiday season more enjoyable from Thanksgiving to New Years?

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