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Nov 29, 2018

For the Love of Gifting

My love language is Gifts.

That use to embarrass me because it sounds so superficial. I enjoy the hunt. I love spending hours finding exactly what I had in mind. I love coming up with things people don’t realize they need in their life. I am even intentional about my wrapping. I have been known to go into store after store after store just to find exactly what I had envisioned.

It’s not rare for me to stray from lists and registries. If I see you out and about in the distance, I may flag a waitress down and secretly buy your lunch. It’s just what I do. I’ll spend hours upon hours hand addressing all my Christmas cards.

I think I get it from my mother who got it from her parents.

I’m not a hugger. I’m not always the first one to suggest making plans. Sometimes I’m not even the best at keeping in touch verbally.

But I love sharing my gifts with you. Whether it’s something I purchased, made or something I wrote.

This holiday season, you’ll receive gifts from a lot of people. Please don’t tell them they didn’t have to. As a gifter, we know we don’t have to. We WANT to. Please don’t tell that person they spent or did too much. That’s our choice. Just sit back and enjoy the thought, intention and the TIME that was devoted to YOU because someone loves and appreciates you.

And rest assured, you never ever have to feel obligated to give a gift in return.

Don’t make gifting about the money or the thing. Make it about the time and cherish that moment when you opened it up, even if it’s something you won’t use.

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