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Aug 15, 2014

Farmer the Golden Retriever

So, we have a new member in the family.

I'm a bad blogger because we've had this new member for a month and I have yet to make a blog post.

Readers, I'd like you to meet Farmer our future farm and guard dog.

For now, he's just a puppy. He's not doing a whole lot of guarding at the moment.

Just a lot of sleeping, eating, truck riding, slobbering, digging holes, playing catch and oh, discovering corn.

Did I mention, digging holes?

Aug 4, 2014

The grass is never greener...

…on the other side.

What is the ‘other side’ anyways? 

Most of us are familiar with this old saying. I find it fun that it is obviously a metaphor taken from the farm. We’ve all seen horses, cows and goats strrreeetttccchhiiiinnggg under the fence to munch on the grass and clover they can’t get to even though they have access to the exact same munchies underneath their feet.

They’re curious; much like we are.
We spend most of our lives wanting what we don’t have, wondering what it would be like if something were different. There’s truth to the famous saying, “The grass is never greener on the other side,” but why?
No matter what option you choose to have, you’re always giving up something in return.


The grass might have a little more flavor on the other side, but what are you giving up to sample a taste? Is it worth it?

Jul 21, 2014


Off topic [you'll see why here in a minute] this last year I have taken more of an interest in my health and fitness. While I am pretty modest about my health and fitness regime as I do not want to be held accountable for when I do fail, I wanted to share with you a program that I've started recently by Beach Body called Focus T25. The "T" stands for Shaun T who is the coach throughout the exercises and the 25 stands for how many minutes a day you need to devote to the program.

Back on topic, contrary to what you are probably thinking thus far, this post is not about fitness nor will this blog turn into a fitness blog. Fitness is a part of my life but it is not my life.

I didn't put much thought into the "Focus" part of my new workout's title nor did I really quite understand it at the beginning. I just knew many people were having success in keeping up with this routine.

I started this workout on a Monday. I was all excited. After doing the workout, I wanted to die but at the same time I really didn't quite feel sore and tired afterwards like I should have. I thought, "WOW. That was  easier than I thought it would be. I could do this everyday. Easily. Boom. I've got this."

Tuesday, I popped in another workout DVD and once again, it was pretty easy. I still didn't find myself overly worked, tired or sore.

By this point, I am slightly concerned because these videos were pretty intense, but I wasn't feeling like my body was getting the workout it should have.

So, back track to the title of these workouts, FOCUS T25. I decided to look into what the "focus" really meant. Maybe I was missing something. I sort of tend to tune out the instructor in workout videos most of the time. I mock the movements based on what I see the people doing in the background. I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to actually listen to what Mr. Shaun T actually had to say.

Jul 4, 2014

The 4th'

My husband and I enjoyed a local 4th of July parade this morning. I was taking pictures of little league kids in the back of pick ups, silly Lions Club members in go-carts, political candidates and their families, local businesses with their decorated floats. I got a little teary eyed as I glanced up and saw this flag waving above me in the breeze. I looked around at all the people. Kids were running around grabbing candy. Moms taking pictures. Dads laughing with their company. Teenagers sporting their 'mericana gear. Everyone was free. Free to have a good time. Free to gather in the streets partaking in one of the many traditions we hold here in the United States. But it all goes back to that flag and the reason it flies. Don't forget. Live in the moment, but celebrate our past, future and present. It's all on us.

Jun 27, 2014

Tiger Lilies on the Farm

Tiger lilies also known as Ditch Lilies are blooming here in Northern Indiana! Tiger lilies are very special to me because the ditch near my parents house was always full of them growing up as a child. I remember riding my bike up and down the road admiring the flowers. Sometimes I'd look for garden spiders living and nesting near the flowers. I enjoyed picking a bloom and putting it behind my ear.

Jun 24, 2014

Between Old Mcdonald's Farm and "Factory Farms"

Agriculture is a huge part of mine and my husband's lives. It controls our schedule, where we work, our finances, where we live, our interests, and the people we share some of our time with.

And it controls our thoughts and our emotions.

We're just small Hoosier conventional soybean and corn farmers but I couldn't imagine living our life without farming or being involved with agriculture. I think about where we would live, what our landscape would look like or what we'd do with the extra money we've invested into keeping the farm going.

I don't think about it very long because it's well, just something I. don't. like. to. think. about.

We have so much invested in agriculture.

If you're married to a farmer or you are a farmer or both, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Recently, it seems like many others off the farm have taken an interest in agriculture as well.

They're concerned with the seeds we plant, the chemicals we APPLY, the ground we use, the taxes we pay, the fuel we use, the income we make, the roads we use and where our crops go post harvest.

Some think it's a sin that we grow grain that could possibly go towards feeding the animals that we eventually consume. Some think it's a sin that we grow genetically engineered crops even though they have no reasoning to back up that thinking. Some think it's a sin that we are tearing up their roads and wasting their tax dollars. Some think we are sinning by poisoning their air with the pollution from our tractors.

They've never worked on a farm let alone even visited a farm.

But for some reason, they think they know exactly how we should farm.

Jun 19, 2014

DIY: Pallet Flag With Barn Star

I am dedicating this post to my brother in law, Mr. Adam Smith who is running for Kansas State Representative in this coming election! Be sure to check out Mr. Smith's website for more information and like the Smith for Kansas Facebook page to stay up to date on their latest news and campaign information.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I have started a few projects around the house. I am excited to share another one with you! I have been dying to make a pallet flag similar to the ones I've seen on Pinterest but with my own design and twist.

This is a project I gathered all the supplies for last summer but never got around to doing it. I am so excited that I was able to get this fun pallet flag done and displayed on Flag Day! I am even more excited to share the tutorial so you have plenty of time to make one before the 4th of July. Okay, maybe not plenty of time, but if you get on it now, it can be done! 

Jun 12, 2014

Sometimes I Struggle

I am a farmwife.

As simply defined in Webster's dictionary dating back to 1874 : a farmer's wife

That's it. 

That's all Webster and his posse could come up with. 

Some of you might find that definition quite offensive.

Not me. I get it.

You see, we farmwives all have one thing in common: We are married to a farmer. 

But that's mostly it, folks. That's all we have in common as farmwives.

You see, my life as a farmwife is different than yours and your life as a farmwife is different from mine. That's why Mr. Webster's definition couldn't go into much more detail. He'd have to create a whole new book just to define us farmwives and all we do.

But there is one more thing we have in common as farmwives and that is, we struggle. And within those struggles, there are differences.

My name is Kelly. I'm a new farm wife. And I struggle.

I struggle because, I have a powerful title to live up to. Not everybody gets to be a farmwife. More than likely not everybody wants to be either. 

As newer farmwives, we have stereotypes, legacies, traditions and our own lives to sort through. We want to do things the way our grandmothers, mothers or mothers and grandmothers in law did, but sometimes we just can't. What may have worked for prior generations, doesn't always work for us. 

Sometimes the modern feminist way of thinking in farm communities doesn't gain a lot of popularity with the less modern generations. 

Jun 5, 2014

Genuity® RootWorm Manager App Review

This post is sponsored by Genuity® but all opinions and writing are 100% mine.

When the iPhone and the iPad were first making an appearance in our world of technology, I honestly thought farmers including most of our farm friends would be the last if at all to jump on board when it came to purchasing this technology. I never thought twice about how the technology of a smart phone or tablet could be used on the farm

I thought they would at least jump on board to check the weather, though. And taking selfies in the tractor and the field, of course.

I began seeing various agriculture apps come out and some farmers even use an iPad in the tractor to navigate various tools and engage in field mapping. As I worked at an equipment dealership for a few years, I watched the relationship between farmers and smart phones and tablets grow more and more everyday.

In fact,  between 2010 and 2011, mobile device usage increased by 30 percent on the farm. Today, it's estimated that 94% of farmers are utilizing a mobile device of some sort on their farm. Where that statistic comes from and how they know, is beyond me. But I believe it.

Jun 3, 2014

Staircase Vignette Makeover with Barn Junk

I have been doing quite a few projects around the house and I feel a little guilty keeping them from you guys! Recently, I finally put together a little vignette display underneath my staircase. It's a simple project that has been weighing on my mind for this space the last two years since we moved in. Every time I walked by this space, which was like 3 million times a day, I'd cringe.

Our friends had an antique drop leaf table finished for us as a wedding gift. Supposedly I had pointed this table out at an antique store. My friend went back shortly after our visit and picked up the table. She had a friend refinish it. It's a very special gift and I had a spot for it the moment we moved in. I just never really put much effort into decorating it.

I slapped a table runner, an enamel washtub filled with burlap and light up grapevine balls and called it a day.


Can you say, B-O-R-I-N-G. It just wasn't working for me. And I left it like that for TWO YEARS.

Jun 2, 2014

Mason Jar Monday: Ball® Sip & Straw Lids

Welcome back for another Mason Jar Monday! Today I am featuring another gadget to turn your jar into a fun drinking glass for the summer. I know I've featured some others in the past, but I am particular excited about these Sip & Straw Lids because they're put out by Ball®. You can find these lids and straws just about anywhere Ball® jars are sold. They come in both wide and narrow mouth.

 I am not sure how long this little collection has been in stores, but I discovered my lids and straws at a Hardware store in Shipshewanna, Indiana. I picked them up for around $5 for 4 lids and 4 straws. Once I found them, I started seeing them everyone! Friends were sending me pictures as they came across them.

May 30, 2014

Small Farm Using Big Technology

This post is sponsored by Indiana's Family of Farmers but all opinions and ideas are 100% mine.

If you have been following my blog, you know that our family farm is pretty small. We have equipment that is older than I am because that is what we can afford to run. Just like automobiles, electronics and houses; farm equipment and technology change over time as well. Not everybody gets to utilize new technology right away. New technology is sometimes considered a luxury before it becomes a standard.

We have learned, though, that just because our equipment is older and outdated, that doesn't mean that we can't keep up or continue to farm. It doesn't mean that we can't utilize other advancements and technology in the agriculture industry. 

This year, we are very excited to be planting a newer hybrid soybean seed that is high in oleic acid. We call it a high oleic soybean. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably have seen me post a few articles about this new soybean and some of the positive impacts it will have in the soybean market. I will talk more about impacts of this new soybean and why it's important in the industry later on in my series. Right now, I am focusing on getting the seed in the ground and some of the technologies we utilize here on our farm.

May 27, 2014

Work or Play

Three day holiday weekends never really go how I envision them to go. I see everybody running off to go camping, head to the lake or have some really cool get together with friends and family.

Not us.

We usually utilize three day weekends to get stuff done

I told myself this weekend was going to be different. I was going to get all caught up during the week and we were just going to spend three days relaxing and getting together with friends and family.

That plan changed with the snap of a finger.

I didn't get caught up during the week. We had some replanting to do on the farm before it rained, I wanted to help my dad with hay and my husband threw his back out. Way out. As in his Memorial Day was spent on an ice pack.

May 22, 2014

Not a City Girl: Part 2

I had another meeting down in the big city today.

I don't get to leave the house often so it's very exciting and refreshing.

But also way out of my element as I've shared before.

I packed and set everything out that I needed last night and turned my alarm back way earlier than usual. A colleague and I had plans to meet an hour before our meeting.

After I got around, I decided if I skipped my daily Keurig date, I would make decent time. After throwing on some shoes and a coat, I hop in the car, crank up Katy Perry's "Roar" and begin zooming off into the sunrise.

Feeling like a gal ready to conquer the world I belt out, "You're gonna hear me rooooarrrrr oar oar oar oar oar!!!!"

I'm bobbing along, the song stops. All is quiet.

Then I hear..... "Meeewwwwwwwwwww"

"Meew Mew"

I'm thinking, "What the heck?" I turn around and our garage/farmshop cat is perched on the center console in the back seat staring at me with those beady, loving eyes.

"Mew, meewwwww."

Oh. Brother.

I didn't think the city would be ready for a barn cat so I whipped 'er back around and took Miss Blazer back home.

Departure, take two.

I'm cruising along, making good time so I decide that I have a dire need for coffee NOW. You know that saying about a Starbucks on every corner? Well, that doesn't apply  to the almost two hour drive into the city. You know, when you actually need coffee.There's not even a McDonald's on every corner. There are exactly 3 McDonald's on the way and possibly the same amount of gas stations.

I decide, McDonald's it is.

May 19, 2014

Getting Older

Yesterday, we celebrated my 29th birthday. It's one of those birthdays I've been sort of dreading my entire life. I've dreaded this birthday because I know it's my last year in my 20s. Not that there is anything wrong with being 30. Or 40. Or 50. And so on.

Being 20something still makes me feel like a kid at times.

It just seems like SO MUCH happens in our 20s. So much all at once. So many firsts. The last 5 years I've also found myself using the excuse, "Well, I'm still in my 20s..." when it comes to various goals, ideas and plans. I don't know what it is about 30 that makes me feel like, "okay, this is it, I need to start getting it together." I don't want the "firsts" to stop.

I guess being in my 20s has sort of given me the opportunity to procrastinate. I really don't know what it is that I am procrastinating. Maybe I am living life in a fairy tale drunken stupor and when I hit 30, it's time to wake up?

I noticed yesterday, when I posted on Facebook about "being old" or "dreading" my age, all of the people my age can attest and agree with me, but my friends a few generations older than me were much more positive and entertained the idea of embracing our age.

We use so many oxymorons when it comes to describing age that I often struggle with deciding is it better to be older or younger? Some things are better older and some things are better younger. But yet, some things are great both ways.

Take wine and cheese for example............ you want those to age. But if they age too much.......

Or a house. New houses are great because you have little maintenance and they are easy to clean. But, they can be boring and less architecturally pleasing. They lack history and stories. Old houses hold stories and beautiful architecture but they are also a lot of work.

A lot of people scare me when they say things like, "Everything goes down hill once you hit [insert whatever age of choice here.]"

I've also heard positive phrases like, "If you start wearing eye cream in your late twenties, watch your calories and get daily exercise, you'll be fine."

I like the later phrase because I'd like to think that if we take care of our minds, our bodies and our priorities, now, getting older won't be as difficult. It may be harder to lose weight when you're older or easier to have higher cholesterol but I think it's something we need to hold ourselves accountable for and take responsibility now before it's too late.

It seems like everyday I hear of someone new getting diagnosed with cancer or a disease that may or may not cut their lives shortly. Sometimes I almost feel selfish for dreading another birthday because I know those people will be CELEBRATING another birthday.

I think I am going to take this year to make some goals and changes in my routine now so when the big 30 hits, I will be ready and able to embrace it. When I am 30, I want to feel 20. I'm going to figure out the secret to embracing birthdays with ease.

After all, we are suppose to celebrate milestones!

And I shouldn't complain because I'm still being carded at restaurant bars. That's all that matters, right? :)