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  1. Hi Kelly, I happened along your blog while researching pole barn style homes on the net. I myself am a "farm wife" in Northern North Dakota, so north we are at the Canadian border and I am actually a Canadian translate myself. We are in a very rural area. Closed cities are Grand Forks, ND 2.5 hrs away, Fargo, ND 3.5 hrs or Winnipeg, MB 2.5 hrs away. My husband is leary of building a new home in such a rural area as there would be minimal re-sale value in the future if our next generation doesn't take it over. I showed him some examples of the pole style homes with large shops and being the farmer he is, defiantly likes this idea much more than the conventional house. From the sound of it you are very happy with your "barn" house and would like any other input that you may have in helping up with our decision.


    P.S. - Of course, I pretty much have it all designed out for myself...minus the actual shop/garage space... I'll let the husband at least have some say in that! :)

  2. Are those 16' high sidewalls? I'm looking at building something similar and am looking for any information that you can provide for layout/blueprints, etc., Thank you in advance

  3. My email address is

  4. I love this site!! Is there a way to get prints of some of these pics? Would love some for our office.

    1. Yes! Please send me your email address and I will contact you for more information.


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