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PC: Sarah Straeter Photography

Years ago, as I pulled up to my husband’s old farm for the first time, I noticed an old blue Harvestore silo standing proudly. Little did I know, when I was busy imagining it’s history, I was also looking at my future.

My blog, Old Blue Silo is titled after that old silo that sits on our property not too far from our house. It's old. It's faded. It's rusty. It's quaint. It's ugly to most. But I love it. 

And now, I invite you into my home, my farm and my heart.

My name is Kelly. I'm a 30-ish Hoosier farm wife and farmer. I look forward to sharing with you my life here in Indiana along with farm stories, creative projects, inspirational writings, recipes, junking, decor and much more! I love life and looking forward to every new day. I hope my blog reflects just that. 

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