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Oct 6, 2020

Op-Ed 05: Finding your style and creating a cozy home


Welcome back to another episode of Op-Ed! This episode was one of the initial episode ideas we had from the very beginning. Home design and decor is always a popular subject in both of our Instagram DMs, so we knew we needed to include it. In this episode, we talk about finding your style, share some very basic design elements, discuss both of our must-have cozy elements in our own homes, and much more. It is an episode you won't want to miss if you struggle with design and wanting to paint ALL THE THINGS white in your home.

As always, grab your favorite drink of choice, get cozy, and join us.            

Defining your style 

    - Google or Pinterest design styles to gain an understanding of design styles

Basic design elements 

    - Find your focus

    - Proper scale

    - Repeat elements (rule of 3s)

    - Layering to give dimension (lighting and textures)

    - Space planning 

    - Be weary of trends (FARMHOUSE!!!!!) 

Style doesn't have to be one size fits all

    - You don't want to copy straight out of a magazine, anyone can copy

    - Your home should reflect you, not Hobby Lobby

    - Shop outside the box: bathroom rug doesn't have to be a bath mat

Define your cozy elements

    - Jenny's cozy elements: plants, light, especially in dark seasons, soothing artwork, art/decor that has meaning to us, family items, soft or heavy blankets, function and form, seasonal elements that help me lean in

    - Kelly's cozy elements: Wood, rust (family antiques), copper, leather, heavy knits, burlap, fur, hide, candles (rustic or baking scents), dried florals, creamy vintage crocks, soothing sounds (Native American flutes, meditation music, relaxing folk/bluegrass/country) - all five senses 

Jenny’s Favorite Places to Shop

Target, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, World Market, Hobby Lobby, Joann's Fabrics, H&M, Zulily, Ikea, Anthropologie, Etsy, Ebay, Society6

Kelly’s Favorite Places to Shop

The barn [literally], antique stores, garage sales, Goodwill, Target, Pier One (RIP), Piper Classics, Primitive Star Quilt Shop, Etsy, Amazon, Antique Candle Co., pop up shows, small maker shops, RUGS USA, boutique rugs, DECOR STEALS, Antique Farmhouse

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