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Jul 26, 2013

decisions & choices/choices & decisions


That's what I always think to myself as my berries are spinning around inside my salad spinner. Washing and spinning berries is a fun task. The end result of eating the berries can be even better.


I love fruit for breakfast. I need to do it more often. I am sure it's much healthier than my usual Reese's Puffs or processed breakfast drink mixes. There are some days where I'd much rather have Reese's Puffs over fruit even though I know Reese's Puffs are probably bad for me. It's one of the many decisions we get to make as adults. 

From the moment we wake up, we are constantly making decisions. To sleep in or work out, how we are going to dress and present ourselves, whether or not we will make the bed, what to have for breakfast, which way to drive to work, pack a lunch or go out and to put on a smile or not to put on a smile.

I think that last decision is probably the most important. Yes, we may have fallen into an argument with our spouse, dropped the gallon of milk out of the fridge or spilled coffee on a new white top. Those are all things that can cause a good start to a day to go sour very quickly. It's up to us whether we want to stay mad about those things which eventually result in us to take it out on the next person we see. Before you know it, it's lunch and you're still frowning over spilled breakfast milk. Literally. 

Is it worth it? Are things like spilled milk worth risking your performance at work or a relationship with a friend. I can recall several times walking into my office with my manager asking how I am that morning and replying back with a frown "Not good. This, this, this and this happened and it's not even 9 am yet." A response like that can instantly turn someone off and they won't want to stick around. 'Hmm, she's in a bad mood. I better stay away from her the rest of the morning. And since she's a redhead, I may even stay away this afternoon, too!'

Not all of us are going to wake up every morning and instantly get excited for the day just because the sun is shining and they were able to use their berry spinner and had fruit for breakfast. Not every morning the birds are going to chirp, crops green and tall and the sky bright and blue. Some mornings it may be raining. It may be snowing. The car won't start. Your pants don't fit. It may be a lazy Reese Puff day. Maybe that's why your pants don't fit. Who knows.

But what we have to remember is we are never dealt any cards that we can't handle. If you feel like you're constantly being dealt more bad hands than good, then maybe that's your sign that you need to find a way to overcome those bad hands. I once read a quote several years ago that I often times have to recite to myself.
If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you feel about it. 
Sometimes easier said than done, right? I know. Trust me, I know.

Instead of facing my problems, I often times like to run away from them. Avoid it things all together. This falls into the category of if you don't like something, change it because I am tossing that problem out. Getting rid of it. Not going back. That doesn't always work, though. Things just don't disappear. They come back to haunt you. Every where you go, you are going to be reminded of that thing you tossed out. But remember, you have to throw out the bad to find the good. Close a door to open another, if you will.

It's up to us decide which doors we want to close and which ones we want to keep open and that's where our decisions and feelings come in. Sometimes you have to get rid of or change something in order to change the way you feel about it. Some things are harder to throw out than others but as adults we are blessed with the option of making our own decisions and if you have children, your decisions often times reflect the types of decisions they make too. Or, if you're lucky, maybe they will learn from your bad decisions. I really don't know how all that works. I don't have kids.

We need to stop mulling over 'the little' things. You can't let the little things drag you down or else you won't know how to face the big things. All these little things are practice for how we handle the big things. Fell into an argument? Apologize. Spilled the milk? Clean it up. Stained your white shirt? Pick out a different one. If there's a curve in the road, we still drive through it. We follow the path. If life throws us a curve, we must do the same thing. Follow the path.

I know, I am confusing. Berry spinning and life lessons. You never know what you may find here at Old Blue Silo.

Happy Friday!

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