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Nov 7, 2013

30 days of thanks: first world problems

You have probably heard the term first world problem a lot these last few years. If not, a first world problem is something like an iPhone not having signal, the power going out, your car not starting, you forgot your morning coffee on the counter, your favorite pair of jeans didn't get washed, etc.

You see, these types of problems are not real problems. They are things that frustrate us, yes but most of the items we have issues with on a day to day basis are luxury items. No matter how many first world problems we have, we still have a warm house to go home to, a family that loves us and food on the table.

These are first world problems because at the end of the day, they really don't matter. The last few days have been filled with what I consider first world problems to me. They're so petty that I am too embarrassed to even share them with you!

Even those these problems have proposed a frustrating week for me, I decided today that I am going to be thankful for my first world problems. I am thankful to have them as reminders that a lot of people have it so much worse. There are people in the streets trying to figure out when their next meal will be and I am standing in my kitchen half cussing at my Keurig because it wasn't giving me my coffee! I mean really? I felt so ashamed of myself.

Don't get me wrong, just because we don't live in a third world country doesn't mean we don't have real problems and shouldn't cry or feel upset over divorce, death, money issues, natural disasters, etc.

I'm talking about the small stuff. The things you will forget about next week.

If I hear one more person complain about their smart phone or computer acting up, I think I may scream. It's a luxury item, not a vital piece of our life to keep living. Technology is always going to have it's issues. It's not perfect and half the time we abuse our electronics anyways. It's no wonder they don't work correctly half the time. If I had 5,500 pictures stored inside of me, I'd probably move pretty slow, too!

First world problems. Remember that. And be thankful if most of your problems are first world.

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  1. So so true. Such a great reminder for the Thanksgiving season!


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