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Aug 15, 2014

Farmer the Golden Retriever

So, we have a new member in the family.

I'm a bad blogger because we've had this new member for a month and I have yet to make a blog post.

Readers, I'd like you to meet Farmer our future farm and guard dog.

For now, he's just a puppy. He's not doing a whole lot of guarding at the moment.

Just a lot of sleeping, eating, truck riding, slobbering, digging holes, playing catch and oh, discovering corn.

Did I mention, digging holes?

So, why the name, Farmer?

Well, golden retrievers don't exactly strike me as your stereotypical outdoor farm dog. Although, I know many do exist.

I often picture golden retrievers with a clean cut family, suburban neighborhood and the white picket fence.

Not this one. He will be roaming the farm during the day and sleeping in the farm shop at night. He'll go everywhere with us in the tractor, truck and semi. We spend a lot of time outside so it's important for us to have a good outdoor companion.

So, that's how we came up with Farmer the golden retriever.

Who gets a lot of baths; I might add.

He will live a good life as a farm dog. And if he's really super good, I'll let him sleep by the fireplace in the house in the winter time.

We have a lot of work cut out for us, but I'm excited about our puppy adventure.

He's already playing catching (yes he brings the ball back) and he knows how to sit! We are getting closer to "lay down" but there's still work to do. I plan on enrolling him in some obedience classes when he gets a little older. I know golden retrievers can be quite a bit hyper at times.

He's just so happy.

All the time.

He's growing like a weed. As puppies do.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Farmer the golden retriever!


  1. The Hubs had a golden retriever for 12(ish?) years. She was around long before me, is all I know! She was the very best farm dog, so it can be done! She really loved riding in the back of the pickup to go feed cows and tagging along with the fourwheeler to go play in the creek. We had to put her down this past winter because she had a stroke and wasn't coming out of it :( We're looking forward to getting another golden one day, and we'll going you in the farm golden family :)

  2. He's adorable!! I mean what puppies aren't, but he beats most of them by miles... :) I'm impressed that you're going to have him sleep in the shop! Matt built an outside kennel for Bella when she was a pup and she has probably used it, maybe 20 times. And she'll be FOUR in October. We're softies!

  3. Farmer looks like he has lots of energy. I hear you on the whole digging. Rosie is still at it. It's fun to have a photogenic dog! Sounds like he's captured your hearts already.

  4. What an exciting addition to your family! I hope you have a lot of fun getting to know your pooch more + developing a new routine :)


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