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May 9, 2015

Mothers and Tough Love

As you know, Mother's Day is this Sunday. Tomorrow, actually.

This Mother's Day is pretty special. It's the weekend before my 30th birthday. Yes, the BIG 30.

And I was the first born.


We will be celebrating my mother's 30th Mother's Day. I do realize that I was born after mothers day so it only would technically be her 29th but I am hoping Mother's Day was celebrated 30 years ago on the account of my incubation.

It's not very often someone can say they've been doing the same thing for 30 years. Heck, I've played every sport imaginable, changed from hobby to hobby, held many different best friends, changed my major in college 5 times and have worked enough different jobs to count on 10 fingers and maybe even 5 toes in the last 30 years. I really can't say that I have steadily done the same thing for 30 years other than brushing my teeth.

My mom has been a mom for 30 years and not once has she quit, thrown in the towel or said she didn't want to be a mom anymore.

I'm sure there are times that she wanted to give up......... but one thing I've always noticed about my mom is that she doesn't give up.

Even when she says she is going to.

I always smirk when she says, "I'm done."

Because I know she isn't.

My mom has always had a way of making us feel special but she wasn't afraid to use tough love either.

Tough love growing up is something hard to understand as a child and even a teenager. 

Now as an adult, my mother's tough love has instilled in me important traits that most of society lacks anymore.

Tough love has taught me to hold doors open not only for the elderly but for everyone. It has taught me class and how to be a lady even when it's hard. 

Tough love has taught me to forget about what my neighbors and friends have. It has taught me that being unique is okay.

Tough love has taught me that the finer things in life are not things. It has taught me to tell people how I feel. 

Tough love has taught me to work hard. It has taught me the importance of truth and that sometimes it can sting.

Most importantly, tough love has taught me to never give up.

Even when I say I am going to.

Much like my mom.

Happy 30th Mother's Day to my mom! 

You're probably wondering why I used a picture of a mother cow up top instead of my mom. She would totally understand. My brother and I called her 'Moo' growing up. And she hates it when we post pictures of her online. So, a cow it is. 


  1. Beautiful thoughts, Kelly! Our farm and ranch wife mothers really have taught us things that society could benefit from.

    You are unique, you are special and you have a specific purpose ... keep living your original life!

  2. Wonderfully written. I LOVE that you celebrated 30th Mother's Day... That is so sweet! I will try and remember this for next year, and that will be my mom's 45th!


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