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Jan 8, 2016

Cows, Barns & Ball Jars... Just a few of my Favorite Things

The holiday season has come and gone and we've started another fresh, new year. As I was taking down my Christmas decorations and giving my house a good deep clean, I enjoyed looking back through all of the cards and gifts I received from loved ones and friends this year.

This past Christmas, I participated in my third Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange that is put together by some amazing Ag Bloggers across the country. Each person who signs up for the exchanged is paired up with another blogger that he/she has to send a gift to. The match ups are a secret until the packages are received.

This year, my name was drawn by the author of Little House on the Dairy, Miss Adriane. Adriane has also published a book, Hello, My Name is Single. I've enjoyed poking around Adriane's cute blog and learning more about her. In fact, she just had a baby so I am quite impressed with the package she sent me considering I know she had other things to get ready!

The package was neatly packaged with lots of trimmings and details including this pen and ink drawing of Jesus driving a tractor! I could tell right away that Adriane is a talented artist!

Digging further in the the package, I could see there were lots of items. Miss Adriane definitely spoiled me.

If you've poked around my blog some or have gotten to know me, you know that I love rustic ornaments, ball jars and barns. I had never seen anything like these little Ball jars. They're smaller than a drinking sized glass but larger than salt and pepper shakers. I plan on doing some further research and finding out some more about these little jars!

What I love about this old plate is not only does it have a barn on it, but it was hand painted in Ohio. As you can see, it was also cracked and glued back together at some point in time.

I LOVED the crack because it's a reminder to me that this plate was once loved and used by someone to feed their family. They loved it so much or maybe it was one of the few plates they owned that it had to be glued back together unlike what our generation would do now: throw it out.

Sometimes I think we would be less apt to throw things away if they weren't made in China at a factory. We can just replace things for cheap anymore.

I've toyed around with a few places to showcase my new piece of barn memorabilia. For now it resides on a shelf in my kitchen. 

My package doesn't stop there... 


Blue cows.

Be still my heart.

Because, how cute are these guys? And who doesn't love cows? I love that a dairy farmer's wife sent me cow memorabilia.  They look great right by the corn salt and pepper shakers my mother in law gave me. 

My cabinet has clear glass panes so they get to peak out at me in the kitchen. When I open the cupboard door to get out a bottle of cooking oil, they put a smile on my face.

Last, but definitely not least, I was sent ta water color painting of a barn. How Adriane knew I loved barns is beyond me. ;) I look forward to finding the perfect frame for this beauty and displaying it in my home.

I don't hang many paintings or photos in my home but when I do.......... the subject matter is a barn.

I can tell Adriane did some research to find out what kinds of things I enjoy, but what I love is that these things also taught me a little about her and the things that she loves. After visiting her blog several times since my package arrived, I see a piece of Little House on the Dairy in each item she sent.

The best gifts are the kind that reflect the giver and the receiver within that same item. Ironically, you can learn a lot about a person by the what they gift.

Thank you so much, Adriane! I look forward to following you more in the future and reading about your adventures as a new mom.

If you are curious who I was paired up to send a package to and what I sent... you'll have to visit Jan at The Tip Garden :)

To see the other bloggers who signed up for Christmas in the Country and their reveals, be sure to visit the link up over at The Uncharted Road.


  1. Wow! Just amazing the thought and detail that she put into your gift Kelly! I am blown away by this years exchange and the amazing people in it. Thank you for coming back for year three!! You are one of few who have participated every year and I can't thank you enough. Enjoy your gifts and Happy New Year!
    Laurie - Country Link

  2. How amazing - what a wonderful selection of personal gifts. And you are so right - the gifts reflect both of you! I just love this exchange and the bloggers who participate - so thoughtful! And it's a blast to read each post and get to know so many fine folks. Thanks for participating this year! Wishing you and your family a most Happy New Year!
    Lara - My Other More Exciting Self

  3. a wonderful collection, and i echo the comment above about the thought and detail into the selections. i live near sebring, ohio, where your plate was painted/finished, so that was fun to read. this area (the ohio-pa-wva intersection on the ohio river) was once the "pottery capital of the world," with quite a few potteries in my county (columbiana) of ohio, as well as in western pennsylvania and west virginia. now, only three or four remain in my immediate area; the most well-known would be homer laughlin china, which makes fiesta, among other things, on the wva side of the ohio river here.

  4. Kelly,
    Two things really stick out to me
    1) "The best gifts are the kind that reflect the giver and the receiver within that same item." I love this thought. I can think of several gifts I've received that remind me of the giver and they are very treasured to me. This is one reason I like to make gifts.

    2) The cracked plate. I'm willing to guess a fun second hand store find. I love your thoughts about the crack and that where the plate has been. Maybe someday someone will think about my imperfect dishes or decor the same way.

    Adriane did a lovely job sending to you and I'm heading over to look at her blog!

  5. Thanks for participating and sharing again this year Kelly, we love having you! I LOVE the gifts that Adriane sent you. She's such a sweetheart, I'm so glad for the chance I got to "meet" her this year. Matchups like this are the very best when both people seem to come away with new friends and a happy heart. I love how she sent the plate and your appreciation for it - participants like you guys rock! Happy New Year!

  6. I'm in love with that BLUE COW (and the corn salt & pepper shakers)! Great gifts!

  7. Oh, your giver did a great job! It is great when a person really does some "research" and puts time and effort in to the gift.

  8. What a great post. Adrianne sent you such great gifts, you have both been a great addition to the exchange. When i saw that the two of you were "paired" I knew you two would be great. Both of your blogs are two of my favorites. Hope you have a happy and healthy 2016.

    -Kirby Lichte of 15009 farmhouse

  9. I'm so glad to make your e-friendship! I found the plate in a thrift store and loved the image on it, crack and all, and it's made only sweeter by the fact that you love the history and potential story behind that crack as well. Thank you for your kind words. We simply MUST stay in touch!


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