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May 1, 2017

Rainy Days and Mondays

Growing up, my mom use to listen to the Carpenters and right now, I have the song, Rainy Days and Mondays in my head.

Getting into a groove here at our farm has been difficult this past week spring.

We witnessed a really mild winter which left us pretty anxious to get in the fields and work ground for #plant17. However, if you get into the fields in February and March, you risk those temperatures cooling down again as well as a late snowfall. Working ground too early is oftentimes wasteful because your soil will get re compacted over time and you'll lose that nice fluffy soil bed. We spent our time slowly working on equipment maintenance and getting things ready to go. I enjoyed some of the early nice weather as I worked in my landscaping and mowed the yard. 

Last week, we finally made the decision to get into the fields. Just a day later than last year according to my Facebook timeline. Things went well for a few days. We had two of last year's soybean fields worked for corn and even got just a little bit of seed in the ground! Morale was up and life was good. We were looking forward to the weekend and getting a lot done.


Everything came to a screeching halt on Friday afternoon. It's been raining off and on since then. We have been pretty fortunate as we've only had a few inches of water compared to some other parts of the state and county who have witnessed 6-11 inches over the weekend causing a lot of flooding which may result in a replant. Some major storms passed through over the weekend and we are also fortunate they did not hit us as hard. We did not have any damage online our neighbors out west and up north. 

Even though there's the underlying feeling of not being able to get seed in the ground right now,  I am trying to focus on other projects and work in the office. 

Friday evening, I tried out a new recipe and we had a buddy over for dinner. As he and my husband chatted afterward over a few drinks at our kitchen island, I got a little cleaning and laundry done.

Saturday morning, I woke up to rain and I enjoyed a trip into town with my friend. We went to yoga class, enjoyed some coffee afterward and I ventured to one of our local greenhouses. Even though it was raining quite a bit, I still enjoyed my trip because hardly anyone was there. This particular place is usually packed. Usually, this time of year right before Mother's Day, when you arrive, all the parking spots are taken, folks are parked along the highway and you often have to wait for another vehicle to leave. I ended up purchasing the last four white and red impatient baskets that they had. I put these same baskets out last year and they seemed to do really well under my porch so I thought I would try them again. I had planned on heading home after that and working on OBS creative services projects but then my mother called. She was having a hard time getting motivated from the rain and wanted to roam around Costco. Of course I couldn't turn down the invite to spend time with my mom and grab a few things at Costco.

On Sunday, my husband and I went out for a late breakfast and then spent a few hours at Meijers getting a few groceries and the essentials I normally purchase online. This is not an activity that the two of us normally do especially this time of year. 

It was nice to just relax and enjoy a weekend without a strict schedule. However, it's hard not to sit back and focus on what didn't get done due to things beyond our control like weather. I don't know if that's something we will get over with age or there will always be that underlying angst of the unfinished business. 

I had "Field Work" written down on my schedule for today.

But for now, I guess I'll enjoy my morning coffee, listening to the rain trickle down on our roof and get caught up in the office. Or try to. 

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