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Jan 28, 2013

Shut the Front Door!

I hate white. I know many of you love white and even some of you have rooms that are completely white. I come across something white and I have to change it. I have to add a splash of color to it. I don't even like white ceilings! My ceilings are almond or knotty pine. Still light but not white.

Anyways. So my house, full of earthy, darker shades with almond or beige accents had a stark default white front door. I decided that needed to change. I like detail way too much to settle with a plain white door you can easily paint. After several go arounds, I think I'm finally finished with it. At first I had painted it all burgundy. After living with it for several months, I decided it need something else. So, I painted the trim vinyl side lights burgundy to match. That looked better but the door was just too solid. I needed to somehow bring my exterior barn theme inside so I taped off the cross bucks and painted the triangles and window trim almond.

If I were thinking, I would have taken a before picture. But I wasn't thinking. Oops.

It adds a lot character to the front entry, I think. What do you think?

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