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Jan 10, 2014


Disclaimer: You may find some harsh sarcasm in this post. I can't be nice 100% of the time :)

This past weekend/early week, Indiana was hit hard by some snow and hard blowing wind resulting in what some may call a blizzard. We also saw some cold temperatures that Indiana hasn't seen in a long time.

But it could have been worse. Way worse.

All winter long, I have heard and overheard conversations from many people saying they wanted to be snowed in. They wanted so much snow that they could be forced to stay home. They wanted an escape from their busy lives.

Well, with some drifts reaching 4 and even 5 feet making most roads impassible, wishes came true and everyone received that "escape". And some of us definitely received more than we bargained for. Some were snowed-in for 3+ days.

Now, this wasn't a surprise. The weatherman/woman were warning viewers for a good week or more about what was to come. People had plenty of time to get to the grocery store, stock up on food and farmers had time to prepare their livestock for the cold. Unlike the blizzard that hit South Dakota this past fall, we had a huge window of warning.

I consider us to be pretty lucky.

I personally, was perfectly content being snowed in. We have at least a good month's worth of food in the freezer if not more, plenty of produce like milk, cheese, etc. and we made sure our furnace was working properly. I even took several pitchers and filled them up with water in case the power went out. Luckily, our's never did. Some people had that unfortunate situation happen to them.

So the first day was pretty cool to everyone. According to my Facebook Newsfeed. Most counties were under a state of emergency. Everyone had an adult snow day from work. Even UPS drivers. Which is rare...... very rare. Kids didn't have to go to school after a 2 or 3 week Christmas break. Life was great. Unless your furnace broke down. Or you had livestock/animals to take care of in the freezing cold weather.

But then the second day rolls around. And let me tell you, according to my Facebook Newsfeed, it was THE END OF THE WORLD.


People were "STUCK" at home and couldn't stand it anymore.

TWO DAYS. People couldn't go anywhere.

I mean, talk about TRAGIC. Stuck at home. With nothing to do but sit in your sweats, bake cookies, spend time with family and watch all the movies you could ever want. MAN, that just stinks.

I am so sorry everyone had to go through that. I really am.


Is it really so bad to spend time at home? To cook in your own kitchen?

Our surrounding counties were in a state of emergency and people were still attempting to go out for dinner. Venturing to Wal-Mart. Why restaurants and Wal-Mart were open is beyond me. Shame on those businesses that put their employee's lives in danger.

Whatever happened to the good 'ol days when everyone shut down on holidays and during state of emergency disasters?

I must say, I am pretty dissapointed in my surrounding society. After spending a lot of time at home, I can vouche that it isn't all that bad. But then again, I know how to keep myself busy. And I've learned to appreciate "down-time" and the "slow seasons" but then again, maybe that's the farmer's wife in me talking.

There's always something to do. I'd sure like to know what people did before the internet, satellite TV and Netflix.

They probably parished. And died.

Even with things like books, Netflix, satellite TV, a treadmill, fancy appliances, the internet, board games and time with family, people still became stir crazy. After one day. Two max. How? Why must we be constantly entertained by the public?

I think our society needs a reality check. We need to learn how to self-entertain again.

Wal-Mart and Apple Bees aren't that exciting anyways.

I am glad Indiana survived the blizzard of 2014. And I hope there isn't any post-traumatic disorders developed from being stuck at home for two days.


  1. You know, until I read this, I really didn't think about it like that. I just figured people were bored, but you're right. It's SAD they can't spend over 2 days in a house with their family. What DO THEY DO on holidays? Why would they complain about getting to stay home? And why were they going to walmart? It must be hard to have to spend time with family. I guess we're just spoiled in knowing what family is and how important it is!

  2. Perfect post. Seriously. It's so true. I'm like you I appreciate down time and the off season because the down time is few and the off season is well is there really ever a off season? Some people don't realize how easy they have it. To be upset about staying home with family, watching TV, cooking, etc. is quite unappreciative!

  3. Kelly,
    I like your attitude!

    It is funny how different areas accept weather conditions. Snowed in for a few days really doesn't get us excited. There are times we go 2-3 weeks and only leave the yard to attend Church.

    We were without electricity about 7 days after the October blizzard. We have a big generator that we use in extreme conditions. We can heat the house, keep the freezers cold, cook a quick meal and water the cattle. We ran the generator a lot in the evenings so we wouldn't have to sit in the dark. Being without electricity is an inconvenience, but I would not consider us as "roughing it."

    Growing up snow days were fun. We got out the ertle toys and set up a farm, did art/craft projects, played board games and baked. Sister and I also spent time playing in the snow and sledding. The good ole days!

  4. I agree. People need to lean to enjoy a little down time (big problem in today's society and only getting worse). We didn't get it as bad here in STL, though it was still bad because STL has no means or organization for handling large snow storms. The last time I was actually snowed in was back at Mizzou in 2009 or so. They actually canceled classes for a couple days, which never happens. However, my roommates and I started to take video games and board games entirely too seriously haha. It didn't help that two of the roommates were cousins who grew up together, so fighting with each other was quite natural. What made this last snow so bad was the sub zero temps. Made going out and playing in the snow very uninviting! Glad you guys all survived over there!


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