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Jan 3, 2014

christmas in the country gift reveal

The Christmas season isn't quite over yet.............. although the tree and various decorations are put away, the house is clean, presents are all delivered, I still have my husband's work party to attend this month and a little gift exchange that I participated in over the holidays to share. Why don't I go ahead and share that gift exchange now?

Jamie with This Uncharted Road and Laurie with Country Linked put together a gift exchange called Christmas in the Country  for ag and country bloggers. I thought it  would be a great way to meet new friends across the country and to discover some great blogs to follow and share. Yes, it meant shopping for someone you have never met across the country but I was up for the exciting challenge! Year afer year we shop for the same friends and family, which is fun, yes, but I was excited to add a new person to my list this year. 

After signing up for the gift exchange, we were all paired up with a "secret santa" which remained anonymous. We were given information about the person's likes, dislikes, allergy info and a link to their blog so we could do some detective work. Homemade gifts and locally made items representing our part of the country were highly encouraged! 

The day finally came where I would find out who my receiver was and I was paired up with Robyn at The Ranch Wife Chronicles from South Dakota! I sent her some sweet red wine from Olivery Winery which is made here in Indiana close to Indiana University. It's a favorite wine of myself and many, many friends! It's what we served at our wedding. Also, I included a locally hand poured coffee smelling Goosebeary Candleshoppe candle since one of Robyn's favorite things was coffee. Lastly, I also sent a bottle of maple syrup from a local sugar camp and a pair of dainty turqoise earrings hand crafted by Dayle at Lemler Valley Farm. I love supporting friends and small businesses! It was so much fun putting Robyn's gift together.

I would have been perfectly content not getting anything in return but I was very surprised and excited about the gift I received! My secret santa was Amber at A Gentle Word. A busy, expecting mom from Kansas.

I apologize that my pictures aren't very good! I took them with my cell phone.

So, you're probably wondering what she sent! Well as soon as Jack gets out of the way, I will show you.

He's so nosey. 

My gift from her was a hand-made wreath she ordered from Delp Christmas Tree Farm in St. John Kansas! 

It was gorgeous.

The needles were so soft, the pinecones were perfect and it smelled so wonderful. Like Christmas.

Amber also did her homework. She found out that I had a love for burlap and made sure that the bow was just that. I loved that rustic touch!

We hung the wreath up right away and shortly afterwards, my neighbor stopped by noticing the wonderful smell at the front door! 

Thank you so much, Amber! We really enjoyed our first fresh wreath and it may be a tradition we will start for many years to come :)

I really enjoyed this gift exchange and if you would like to visit the blogs of other particpants to see what they received, check out the link up at the bottom of Jamie's post, here!

Thanks for joining me as I shared my gift from the Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange! I had a lot of fun and look forward to it next year.


  1. I love your super unique gift and all of the thought that she put into it! So sweet! The gift you sent to Robyn sounds great as well, can't wait to see pics of it! Thanks for participating!

  2. Fresh wreaths are wonderful! I have given many in the past as gifts, but have never gotten one for us to enjoy. I think that will need to change next year. Thank you for participating and linking up!

  3. I've never had a fresh wreath, I'll have to get one next year!


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