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Oct 6, 2014

Pallet Pumpkin and #harvest14 Decor

Three cheers, fall is here! We just finished decorating our barn house porch and I am excited you stopped by to see it. I didn't really go all out but I added a few cozy touches to our front porch this year. My new favorite touch is the pumpkin my husband and I created out of a pallet! We had some extra pallets laying around from my Pallet Flag project. I really enjoyed how the pallet flag filled the empty spot on our front porch so I wanted to come up with something fall harvest related to go there.

I opted to not consult any magazines or Pinterest for any ideas. I wanted to see what we could come up with on our own! I started by having my husband cut out a pumpkin shape that I drew on the pallet.

He's a farm equipment salesman by day and a wood working farmer by night! Actually, I was quite surprised that he wanted to help with this project. I had been putting the project off and one night after we both got off work late, he said, "ALRIGHT! I don't care how busy we are or what we have going on.. forget about it all! We are getting your pallet pumpkin done. It's too late to start any farm work anyways."

So, I had this pumpkin shaped pallet. I wasn't quite sure how to paint it or what to do with it so I stewed on it for a good week or so.

This is what I eventually came up with:

I finally decided on doing an ombre fade from orange to yellow. Lowes has their Valspar paint in little sample containers you can buy for around $3 and they had some fun fall shades out. I just mixed my orange and my yellow with the cream to create the lighter shades. Once I finished painting the entire pumpkin, I let it dry for a few days. I decided it needed a little something so I then painted my "Be Thankful" free hand with a little angled brush. The stem is stained with a walnut shade. Once I had everything painted, I used a rag and some antique glaze all over to give the project a more rustic look. 

I topped the stem off with some of the burlap I used to tie up my corn shocks. 

Last year, I posted about my corn shocks and was excited to put them up again this year. My decor doesn't change much year to year as I'm a creature of habit but I mixed things up just a little this year.

Still used my same trusty wreath from the past few harvest seasons.

You may remember my harvest blessings I painted from last year. I brought it out again this year but decided to lay it on the ground instead of putting it in the wagon. 

Last year I had mums in my whiskey barrels but since my annuals from summer really fit with my fall theme, I decided to keep those. I think they grass will look nice even though November even if it dries out. 

One thing I love about our small town is the pumpkin stand the Optimist Club has every year. My husband's boss grows all the pumpkins on several acres and provides the club with an abundant harvest every year. There's always a variety of fun pumpkins and gourds to choose from.

I also have a great resource for mums next door. My Mennonite neighbors have a greenhouse and each fall they have rows and rows of mums for sale. I always enjoy picking out my mums every year. They are much cheaper and definitely last longer than the mums you get at your retail chain stores. 

And you all remember our new puppy, Farmer?

Well he's six months old now and growing like crazy! He loved helping us decorate for fall. I even got him to pose for you.

That's a wrap on this year's front porch decor. Simple and easy. Next year...... I have bigger plans. I know my husband is shaking his head as he reads this.


  1. Your decor is beautiful! Seriously - good work! :)

  2. Autumn is gorgeous on your creatively decorated front porch, Kelly! Awesome pumpkin pallet.

  3. So I have this idea to try to make a little baby pallet pumpkin to hang on my door since I can't have wreaths on it because they get destroyed by the weather. If I try it I'll let you know how it goes! Hope it's ok if I "steal" your idea to try out!

  4. DANG GIRL!!! My porch is hanging it's head in shame compared to this beauty! I hoping finish the fall decor, inside and out, Friday afternoon or at the very latest this weekend. Hope all is well with you! Farmer IS growing like a weed...

  5. I swear your home should be on the front of Country Living! I love seeing the DIY's you do because they are always so quaint and lovely. Love all of your fall decorations!


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