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Mar 12, 2015


I took the back roads home from work tonight.
I needed a change. The highways get old. 
All the snow from this past winter is melting down as it got up to the 40s and 50s this week. 
I was enjoying my drive but there was mud just everywhere. As I thought about spring coming and the sunny, warmer days ahead, I tried to forget about the mud.
I then realized,
Every change comes with a price.

Spring always comes with potholes and mud.  
I started comparing the muddy spring to a change going on right now in my life.
My eyes welled up with happy and sad tears.
I had to make a decision of change this month that was hard.
Changes are hard to make, even if they are good. When you make a good change, you're still going to have mud.
You're still giving up something.
Think about it. 
What have you had to give up for something good lately?
Maybe you gave up time, money, freedom or a relationship. 
Or all of the above.
Maybe you gave up your dignity, pride or a reputation.
Life is just like the season of spring.
You're always going to have mud no matter what good change lies ahead. 
Some changes are priceless.
Sometimes things just get old. 
Much like the highways.
Here's to a new season and change!

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