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Oct 23, 2017

Farm to Town: Fall Edition

Yesterday, my husband and I ran into town for breakfast and on our way back we ended up moving farm equipment. Not too dirty of a job, but you still needed some sturdy clothes and boots to handle the uneven dirt, hook up a trailer, tie down the grain head or fill a flat with air. I wasn't in what I consider my farm clothes but I was still dressed for the job. You just never know what you will get roped into around here, especially on the weekends!

One thing I've experienced living on a farm, is that during the busy seasons and maybe all year round for those of you with livestock, sometimes it's hard to find things to wear that you can quickly work in if needed but also feel put together if you need to run into town for errands. (Now, if I know I am going out to farm for the day, I pull on an old hoodie or flannel, a college t-shirt an old pair of jeans and my work boots...)

So, I'm sharing my favorite 'farm to town' pieces with you because they've been put to the test. They've been worn a season or two already, have been washed, washed and washed again. They've done some light duty work around the farm. And I simply could not live without them. 

So, husbands, listen up because psssst... Christmas is coming.

1. & 9. So, something I've been wearing for years and my favorite farm to town piece, the flannel, is in style this season. Big time. This makes me a little nervous because I really want people to experience flannel properly.

One thing I've learned over the years is that not all flannels are created equal and you get what you pay for. I've tried them all and even some companies that specialize in work clothing still can't get it right. I love a lightweight but warm, wrinkle-free version that doesn't shrink. I have to be able to roll up the sleeves easily and layer it under a sweatshirt. You'd be surprised where my favorite flannel comes from. No, it's not Carhartt, Duluth Trading Company or even L.L. Bean even though they come in a close second. My favorite flannel of all time actually comes from J. Crew. I shop the factory store because it's cheaper and have had very good luck.

My J. Crew flannels have been washed over and over and over again and they don't shrink and still look brand new. They don't pill and they never get itchy.  How many times have you pulled on a flannel and the sleeves are two inches from your wrist? Yikes!

Also, the Freeport Flannel Shirt from L.L. Bean comes in a close 2nd for a favorite and I owe them some love, too. They're on the lighter, softer side but just quite aren't as relaxed as my J. Crew faves.

2. I'm loving the bootie trend because they're so versatile and comfortable. I tried on hundreds of brands through Zappos the last few years and always came up disappointed. However, these Softwalks are the most comfortable thing I own. They come in a variety of colors and they hold up well in the elements. I don't recommend tossing them on to farm for the day obviously, but they get a temporary job done and then you can head into town for groceries! I own cognac, brown and black.

3. I am telling you guys, you need to own this chambray shirt. I've gotten more use out of this than anything I own. From working on the farm, grabbing coffee with the girls, hopping on a plane or spending the day in my office, this shirt is everything. You can wear it unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up with a crisp white undershirt for a simple casual style, wear it buttoned up with a vest, or wear it tucked in with your favorite workbooks to get a tough job done. It doesn't fade. It doesn't pill. It doesn't shrink. It's simply awesome and the best $35 I ever spent in my life. I think now it's listed at $45.00 but I'd pay that and then some. I keep telling myself to order a spare because I would be lost if something happened to it. Size up for a comfortable, loose "boyfriend" fit.

4.  I was just talking with my friend last night about the importance of the right under shirt. I am loving Duluth Trading Co's long tailed tees. These tees are a flattering enough fit to wear alone but hug close enough, however not too tight in order to fit nicely under a flannel or cardigan sweater for some extra warmth without overheating you. Best of all, they don't ride up! You know what I'm talking about. Nothing worse than your undershirt hiking up past your belly button then you're having to dive in and pull it down. If you order one, you might as well order two because you'll find yourself washing it over and over again. It's that good.

5. It's not secret that when you live the agricultural life, your bag/purse goes through it all. It gets thrown in a dirty truck to pick up greasy parts, drug through livestock shows, carried on an airplane, tossed on the dirty floor at your buddy's farm shop or favorite cafe and Lord knows what else. This bag, you guys, it carries it's own. A friend of mine talked me into purchasing it and after a year of abuse it still looks brand new and it's easy to wipe off. You can't beat the price and the choice of colors. It's bigger than what I like to carry but I love that I have room to toss goodies from farm shows inside or an extra bottle of water or two. I wear it cross body style but it's nice to have the handles for an easy grab across the center console of the truck. Not to mention, compliments galore. Which, let's face it, we ladies need from time to time.

6. I love this coat, you guys. No seriously, LOVE. It's lightweight but warm when needs to be. They don't call it the year-round for nothing. I've worn it on the coldest day of the year and I wore it on the 4th of July weekend after the sun went down. You can squish it up and toss it in the pocket of your truck seat or even shove it in the center console. It pairs nicely over a flannel. Just don't snag it on the tractor bucket... and today, it's on sale for $60. P.S. They make a long version too!

7. Loving the ever popular olive and hunter green anorak vests. I received mine from Stitch Fix last year and can't get enough of it. I think at one time my husband wanted to burn it because I wore it so much. Guys, these vests are great because they layer over literally everything. They're specially great with t-shirts when you need some extra pockets for your phone, camera lenses, snacks, lip balm, fasteners, tractor parts, etc.

8. Can't get enough of my Bean boots. They're great for wet or dry day. They hose off nicely. They're comfy but a bit on the heavy side. I sat on this purchase for a few years and both times L.L. Bean sold out. They make a limited number so if you have been thinking about pulling the trigger, do it now. If you take care of these boots, they'll last you a long time. I think I love these so much because they were our favorite "barn boots" growing up as kids. They're not insulated so use caution if you're looking to use them as a snow boot. Oh, and did I not mention they're like really in style right now? Who knew! P.S. I love the pull on type because I hate laces and I love how my skinny jeans tuck right into these with a cozy pair of camp socks!

So, there you have it! My pieces I couldn't live without. I'm not fashionista and there's no guarantee you'll turn heads on the catwalk but you'll love the transition and diversity of these items.

What is a staple item in your closet you couldn't live without?

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  1. I've never thought of J Crew for flannels. I usually buy mine for LL Bean or Duluth. Thanks for the tip!

    PS. I read your previous post regarding the stress of starting a new business. Hang in there. I own my own business and it can be stressful, but I think the rewards are worth it.


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