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Dec 19, 2013

simple christmas porch

So, I told myself that I was going to go all out this year with my front porch Christmas decor but instead.......... I didn't. I kept it pretty simple with just a little evergreen and a few white lights. 

When it comes to Christmas decor, I definitely like the classics. I love the look of the evergreen up against our red siding. Now all I need is to put out my antique sled and some ice-skates. I haven't dug those out of my collection of "junk" yet. Maybe this weekend. There's still time.

I really struggled with what to put in my whiskey barrels this time of year. In the summer I have fresh annuals and in the fall I have mums. I really wanted to put a few artificial evergreen trees with white lights in the barrels but everyone was asking an arm and a leg for them.

In the summer I have two crates on the porch with a copper boiler full of fresh annuals resting on top. I decided to break those crates up and place them on top of the whiskey barrels. I knew I wanted to fill them with something but I wasn't quite sure with what.

I finally came up with a good solution. Evergreen branches and white lights! It worked out because my trees were trimmed and I ended up with some pretty decor! Best of all, it was cheap. $2 for the strand of lights and the crates came from a family member's barn.

I must admit, everytime I type out evergreen it comes out every green and I have to go back and fix it. Can you type evergreen without typing every first? I can't. Grrr. Evergreen. Evergreen. Evergreen.


 So I've decided that if you ever want to make someone's day, send them a wreath. Up until this year, I've never had a wreath sent to me before....... granted I've only been a homeowner for two years. This year I received not one, but two!

The first wreath was sent to us from my sister in law and her family. You know, the ones I'm always talking about from Kansas. I had it on my front door but I moved it inside to our hall tree bench so it's the first thing you see when you walk in. Love the little old-fashioned sled! Do you think that's a mouse sled? :)

This second wreath was sent to me by a secret Santa whom can be revealed January 3rd. Stay tuned. It's a fresh wreath and has to be outside where it's cool. It is absolutely stunning in person. I love the pine cone detail and the burlap ribbon.

And the last of my decor consists of a little pre-lit tree and a rusty old colander. It looks so peaceful and simple lit up at night. I'd like to find something else for this spot next year but this will work for now.

And with all Christmas decor comes casualties. I'll fix that garland later.

Thanks for stopping by my front porch tour! Maybe it will be a little more exciting next year. And hopefully by then, I can learn how to tie a pretty bow.


  1. Beautiful! I have one string of lights haphazardly hung on my porch - it quite frankly looks pitiful and should be taken down!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Love this! So pretty and simple at the same time! It says 'Welcome to our homey home!"

    1. You are a no-reply blogger! I tried to email you back.

      Thank you, Kellie! I do try to make it as homey as possible :)

  3. Please come decorate my house. Thanks. ;)

  4. Love it all so much! I'm thinking I need to find some whiskey barrels for my front door! And what an amazing and creative secret santa gift! So excited to see everyone's stuff!

  5. Looks wonderful Kelly! I so want columns on my house. :) Love your secret Santa gift too. Looks like it fits in perfectly.

  6. Very cute, Kelly!

    I like greenery too. There is a simplicity about it that I find beautiful. At the same time, it's classy. The wreaths are pretty. Great idea to spiff up wood crates for the season.

    Merry Christmas!


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