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Dec 14, 2013

snow covered memories

There's always something so peaceful about a beautiful snow fall in the country. This morning we woke up to a peaceful snow covered morning.

I've always hated to be cold, but I absolutely love snow. I spent a lot of time outside playing in it with my family growing up as a child. Dad would take us around on the snowmobile. Sometimes he would pull one of us behind on a saucer. I especially loved snowmobile rides at night going through the woods. The headlights shining on the snow covered tree branches. You could see animal tracks scattered through the woods. We'd go ice skating on the frozen over flooded spots in the fields or an iced over pond. Mom, decked out in a 1980s snowmobile suit would always help us build the perfect snow man and teach us how to make snow angels.

Afterwards, while mom was making dinner, I always enjoyed going into the cozy barn and "helping" dad do chores. The animals would have their fuzzy winter coats and they huddled together to stay warm. Sometimes you'd see a silly kitty sleeping on top of a horse. I remember the warmth of rolling over in a stack of hay in your coveralls and winter coat.

Then we'd go inside while dad plowed snow with a tractor and we would undress making a huge mess. Snow and hay everywhere. Mom never complained. Until we got older, ha.

After a long day in the snow, fresh wood in the fire place and a mug of hot chocolate, I remember cuddling under a blanket with my brother watching Christmas movies. Until we would start kicking and pinching each other, then it was time for bed.

Now, as an adult, I find everyone complaining about the snow. No one likes to scrape off their vehicles. The snow hinders traveling plans, water is tracked in the house and it even makes going outside to do chores a pain.

When I find everyone complaining about the snow, I close my eyes and think of the great memories I had in the snow as a child. I am so thankful my parents took the time to go out and play with us. I'm thankful for the little farm that we lived on where we could use our imagination and take us anywhere we wanted to be.

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