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Apr 23, 2014

Barnhouse Tour: Barn Inspired Half Bath

Last summer, I sent a picture to Barn Light Electric of my barn-themed bathroom, thanking them for such a wonderful product that adds the charisma I needed to complete my bathroom. They contacted me shortly after to do a feature on their blog. You can read it here.

Afterwards, Betty, Barn Light's blogger suggested I work on my little blog and see where it takes me. At the time, I didn't really have any readers and my posts were semi-cheesy. (Well, maybe they still are, ha!) To be honest with you, that whole situation is really what inspired me to grow Old Blue Silo. I never would have thought that it would grow to what it is today. I've laughed, cried and put my heart and soul into this blog, sharing my passions, goals and dreams with you all. The doors and [windows] this blog and bathroom have opened have been truly amazing. 

Recently, I realized, I have never shared my barn-themed bathroom in a post. There's a picture of it on our Barnhouse link but I didn't go into much detail. I waited for a nice, crisp sunny day and took some pictures.

If you've been in my home, you know this is my most favorite room to show off. Why? Simply, I love barns. And this bathroom reflects my love for barns. It's a lot of fun and I enjoyed putting it together.

I chose to do the barn theme in this bathroom because a) it was small and b) it's the bathroom guests use and the bathroom we use most often. It was made to be enjoyed by all.

Original photo taken for Barn Light Electric
My biggest secret to this bathroom is that we didn't use real barn siding. It's actually wallpaper. *GASP*
Most people have to feel it before they figure it out. We were originally going to use real barnwood but after accidentally stumbling upon this wallpaper, we decided this would be so much easier to tear down.

The backdrop for the back wall is actually a sheet of galvanized metal. I wish it weren't as shiny, but at the time, I was ready for our house to be done and this is what our contractor sourced. He did a good job trying to figure out what I was trying to describe! At first I think his intial reaction was, you want to put WHAT in your house?

Disclaimer: If you are going to use shiny galvanized metal in your home, it is so hard to clean. I would not use it where there will be water splashing. It is nearly impossible for me to remove the water spots behind the faucet and it drives me absolutely crazy!

My most favorite part of this room is the light fixture. It wouldn't be the same without my Galvanized Gooseneck light from Barn Light Electric. I was very lucky to have found this fixture in the discount section of their website as it was a custom-made customer return. I didn't have to pay full price for it. It comes with a hefty price tag but it is a real, American-made barn light. I wouldn't expect any less.

Obviously the barnwood, galvanized metal and the light fixture make this room but it's also about all the little details, too.

The little barn-inspired details is what make this room really come together. I put a lot of thought into the details and every piece.

I love pieces like this old grain scoop we found in the corn crib we knocked down. It was once used to feed animals on our farm a long, long time ago by my husband's great grandpa. I paired it with a candle so it would double as a candle holder. I love repurposing old relics.

Fixtures can really change the look of the room. I wanted something that looked old fashion but yet modern. I chose this Delta model from their Victorian Line.

The bisque colored apron front sink and the stand are both from Barclay. The cherry-stained stand is actually for retail dealerships to display Barclay products. I asked if I could purchase it and my fixture consultant said, I don't see why not! I am not quite sure how I ended up with a 30 inch apron front sink in my 1/2 bathroom. Between purchasing it and the stand with my builder's discount, it was about the same as buying a vanity. It looks more like a wash stand you might see in a barn or a farmer's mudroom instead of a typical bathroom vanity.

If you are in my family and have lived with me, you know I absolutely DESPISE changing out the toilet paper. I don't have any of those idiotic spring loaded toilet paper dispenser contraptions in my house and I never will. I have come up with other ways. Not to get personal or anything, but I really prefer just letting the roll go free. Of course, with my OCD housekeeping tendencies, it must be contained. My little barn wood box that I picked up at a craft store does the trick.

And every barn bathroom needs a ladder towel holder. Easy and simple. I tried to eliminate all aspects of a real bathroom. In fact, if I could have gotten away with it, there wouldn't be a toilet. But I guess that defeats the purpose of calling it a bathroom. I suppose we will keep the toilet.

This ladder came out of the corn crib we knocked down as well. I had to heavily power wash it to get all of it's barn life dust and smells removed. 

And this here old bucket is the toilet.

Ha, just kidding. A little barn bathroom humor for you.......

It's actually my trash can. My mom bought it for me at an estate sale for my birthday. I'm easy to please. Just buy me old junk and I will love you forever. I usually keep a little bag in it but I took it out for it's photo op.

As you can see below, paired with some more barn antique details, is the trim work for this room. Originally we had knotty pine trim which is what we have throughout the house but it really wasn't working for me. I had the idea of wrapping the trim in galvanized metal. Thank goodness I had a contractor who really worked with my quirky ideas and brought them to life!

I hope you enjoyed my little barn bathroom tour as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you!

Product Resources:
Disclaimer: I did not pay full price for any of these products. Bath fixtures are original product resources so you can have the model numbers. You can find the product much cheaper through wholesale supply companies and shopping around.

Barnwood Mirror
Rooster Diffuser 
Outback Gooseneck Light
Delta Pitcher Faucet 
Apron Front Sink 
Cherry Sink Display Stand 
Mason Jar Candle


  1. How unique and awesome, just love this!

  2. I just text my husband to see if he had an old grain scoop! Haha! I looooove this bathroom. Such great ideas!

  3. I love it! It's goes perfect in the barnhouse. :)

  4. Wow I love this so much! We are on the verge of adding on/redoing our little house and I love all the ideas! I'll def have to check out that wall paper - I love it! And I've been thinking of using the galvanized metal as a backsplash in the kitchen - but I don't tend to get water on that area, but good to know either way!

  5. Your house could totally be in a magazine :)

  6. I so wanted to use the faucet you chose, but I opted for a design that has a gooseneck faucet because it was a bit less expemsive. LOVE you bathroom! I should invite you over to help me finish off my new beroom/office/bath/closet area! I have naked walls!

  7. I never would have guessed the walls are wallpapered! That is so awesome.

  8. Love, love, love your barn bathroom! So simple, but with a great impact.
    Laurie - Country Link


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