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Apr 2, 2014

GIVEAWAY: 8x10 Farmer's Wife Poem

Guess what, guys! Today I have the opportunity to host my first giveaway on the blog! I am pairing up with Sierra Shea and we are giving away two copies of her poem, So God Made a Farmer's Wife

This poem is printed on high quality stock and looks beautiful in an 8x10 frame. Sierra Shea sells this poem in her store for $10. She also offers a Ranch Wife poem as well! This would make a great Mother's Day Gift! How fun would it be to shop for the perfect frame? 


To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment  or email me (CONTEST in subject line) with where you'd display this poem and why. If you'll be gifting this poem, where do you think she would display it and why?

Be sure I have your email address when you comment. Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced along with their answer the morning of Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

For fun, I thought I would share with you guys where I displayed my poem. I was going to put it up in my office, but decided that it should probably be displayed downstairs since, well, I spend a lot of time taking care of our home. I almost stuck it in my laundry room because for some reason, I do a lot of thinking about the farm when I am folding laundry. Especially when I fold a load of farm clothes and several corn kernels come tumbling out. It always makes me smile.

But, I found an even better spot besides the laundry room. 

I found the perfect place right next to my wedding bouquet on our front door hall tree mantel. I like to think a farmer's wife was made the day of our wedding, but I think a farmer's wife is made long before the wedding. It takes a special person. I am lucky to have many great farm wives in my life to look up to.

You know, I sort of forgot that bouquet was up there. It looks so pretty sitting next to the barn wood frame. What a perfect match!

Thank you, Sierra Shea. It's perfect. Good luck to you all!


  1. I would display it in my "fireplace room" or on top of my kitchen cabinets. I like the idea of the wheat like you have! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that mantle! I would probably display it in my kitchen since that is where I spend most of my time:)

  3. If I would be lucky enough to win this poem, I would give it to my mother for Mother's Day. I cannot think of another person more dedicated to being a farm wife than her. She has been a farm wife for over 60 years (until dad passed away). She helped dad in every aspect of farming from milking the cows, feeding the pigs, gathering the eggs, working the ground, making hay, keeping the farm books to hauling manure. The year I graduated from high school mom was helping dad hook up a log chain from the tractor to the wagon. Somehow the chain wrapped around her ankle and broke it big time. Dad missed her terribly during her recovery and I think he then realized what a big part she had in making the farm 'go'. I believe my mother would display this poem in her kitchen where she has spent 90% of her farm wife life.

  4. I could display it about anywhere in my home, farm seems to be the reoccurring theme of my decorating style, will soon be a farmer's wife of 24 years, so that might be why! Some possibilities include our main bathroom, I have a collection of local barn pictures in there, so it would tie in; our office, farm and fairs are the main things in there, our living room which among other items is home to my Farmer's old toy tractors, I could go and on. Great give away. I look forward seeing where others would display theirs. :)

  5. What a fun giveaway! I have the perfect place for it! It would go on my oak antique wash stand that sits by the front door. It would be the perfect addition. Probably have a barn wood frame laying around too..........humm, will have to look for that.

  6. Kelly-I love your decorating style! I think we might channel the same spirit when it comes to that sort of thing. The barnwood frame is perfect for this print and it goes great with all the decor on the hall tree! If I happened to win this giveaway, I'd totally be giving the poem to my mom for Mother's Day!! Being a farm wife is a labor of love and being a city girl up until she married my dad and moved to the farm, she really has come to embrace everything the farm (and my dad) throws at her! I'd bet she would hang this on the wall in the kitchen near her barn calendar and other farm decor. Great giveaway, Kelly! :)

  7. Love the poem and your hall tree mantel! I would most likely display it in my craft room, it is my "me" room and where I spend a lot of free time.

  8. Lots of possibilities-but I am going to say in my kitchen along with the dirty coveralls, crappy boots, livestock MEDS and random tools that are all over my kitchen all the time!!!!

  9. What a beautiful poem :) If I won, I would hang it on my door that I come through every day. I have big dreams of becoming a farmer, and am in the process of saving a down payment to purchase a home/land next year. I've been a business girl and many people laugh at me when I share my real dreams, the ones I kept silent for years. While I may not be a farmer's wife, I'm a farmer at heart :)

  10. Would love to win a copy for sure! I would give it to my MIL for Mother's Day in a wooden frame :)

  11. I would probably display this poem in our living room, with a barn wood frame, next to our wedding photos and a cross-stitch piece that was a wedding gift last summer.

    I'm not a big "blogger follower" but your blog has intrigued me since I found it a week ago or so, and I find myself over here reading about life and enjoying it all. God bless!


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