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Apr 6, 2014

Pallet Coat Rack

I feel like there are a lot of  "blank canvases" around our pole barn house as I search for the perfect item or idea to fill the void.

I really struggled with the space in our shop next to the entryway into the house. I wanted something to hang a chore coat or two on so we didn't have to open the door and grab one from the basement stairway every time (where we store farm outerwear.) We don't really have a decorating theme in the shop, but I try to keep the pieces farm or industrial related. You know, galvanized metal, tools, farm equipment memorabilia, etc. 

Okay, so maybe we do have a decorating theme in the shop. I shall call it... Industrial Chic. Just don't tell my husband that. He won't let me decorate the shop anymore if he knows I'm trying to make it Industrial Chic.

Come on, farm shops can be stylin' and chic too. 

Anyways, so, back to this coat rack. I'm always trying to search outside the box when it comes to furniture, pieces and hardware. One evening I ran into Target for a bridal shower gift. You know, one of those in and out trips that end up being two hours long because it's well, Target. 

And I found, this.

And the light bulb was on. The grand idea and the answer to exactly what needed to go next to our shop entry. 

And so began the conversation I quite often have with myself. Isn't there a term for that in psychology courses? (Like the Id, Ego and something else.. I shall look that up later.)

You could so make that

But you won't. You'll never get around to it. And that wall will be blank forever and your barn coat will forever be tossed haphazardly.

Yes I will! It looks so easy.

You're not going to make it. Just face it. Buy it and pretend you made it. 

Deal. I'll but it. but I won't pretend I made it. 

Super Ego! That's the word I was looking for. Well, I think the Id won. Or maybe the Super Ego won. Someone should do a psychoanalysis on me.

So for $20, I bought it. Already made. It's done. Out of my mind. And hung on the wall. In this situation, well worth the $20. 

So, I apologize if you came here for a tutorial on how to make a pallet coat rack with s-hooks. I can't tell you how to make one, but I can tell you where to buy one.


Go, now. I know your home, garage or shop needs one too. 

And don't try to buy it online. It's only sold in stores. But hey, that gives you an excuse to go to Target.. and walk around for 2 hours. Wait, who does that? 

Or perhaps, maybe you could make one. I'm sure they aren't that hard. And I'm sure you're probably thinking a crafty blogger should have made one but this is me being transparent. Even us crafty ones take the easy way out sometimes.

I'm slightly ashamed. And I'm taunted by the pallets sitting in the corner of our shop waiting to be turned into something. Maybe next time, boys, maybe next time. Yes, pallets are boys. Rough, dirty and full of rusty nails. No offense, boys.

Is there anything in your home that you're slightly ashamed to admit that your bought for the sake of convenience? 


  1. This would have been a perfect April Fools Day post! I totally was prepared to read a 'how-to'... LOL. Love the coat rack despite whether you made or bought it! The new new background on the blog is pretty!

  2. I agree---we don't have time to do it, so just buy it! This is awesome and so rustic looking, I hope my Target has them! P.S. Hooray for Case/IH!

  3. I have quite a few pallets (cuz I love em) so, I'm thinking I'm gonna make it. I'll give myself so long and if it doesn't happen...then I'll run to Target. It will go good in my laundry room. Thanks for the inspiration!


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