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Jun 25, 2013

guest bathroom

One of my favorite rooms in our house happens to be our guest bathroom. Unfortunately, we don't use it very often but it's there in case we have guests! We are very excited this bathroom will get used next week by out favorite Kansas family. My sister in law and her beautiful family will be staying with us next week.

I don't clean this bathroom as often as I do the rest of the house but I thought I'd peak in it to make sure it was in tip top shape for guests! Every time I go into this bathroom my eyes are drawn to this picture my mother in law gave to my husband for Christmas one year.

This picture is a view of the old farm before we started renovating it. I just think it's a neat picture with the snow softly sitting on the old farm. It's quiet, peaceful and relaxing; just the way I want my guests to feel when they are here.

I actually chose the colors and d├ęcor of this bathroom based on this black and white photo. I don't have a lot of black in my home, but I wanted at least one gray and black bathroom.

I had the gentleman who made my kitchen cabinets build the bathroom vanity. I wanted something attractive but functional. My inspiration for my design was a really big vanity from Pottery Barn. I had him just do a half the size of my inspiration piece. I chose to have it done in knotty pine to match the rest of my woodwork. I love the simple shaker legs.

 The top is Corian which was installed by the gentleman who did my kitchen countertops. My plumber installed the faucet fixtures and the drop sink,. This is a very custom piece made to flow with the rest of the wood work in my house. It's crazy how many resources it took to finalize the look. My sister in law wanted to know where we bought it from because they were looking for something similar but unfortunately, I didn't have a retail source. If you can't find what you have envisioned in your head, have it made by someone (or yourself if you're talented in that department!)

The hardware for the handles came from Lowes. I wanted them to resemble a drawer pull you'd find off an old dresser. They are black which creates a nice contrast with the chrome fixtures in the bathroom. I am not a fan of mixing hardware, but in this bathroom the black and the chrome worked very well together.

When it came to choosing a mirror and a light fixture, I was completely indecisive for a while. You can really get creative when it comes to a spare bathroom because it's not something you're using every day. You still want it to be functional to your guests, but it's okay to find something unique versus totally functional.

I actually chose an outdoor light with a black finish from Lowes and this accent mirror in a painted mustard color from a country primitive store.

I love the hardware on the mirror! I have some other star hardware featured in the bathroom as well. The towel bar and the toilet paper holder each have accent stars along with the shower curtain rings.

It's just enough stars to make a nice statement but the bathroom doesn't look like a star threw up all over the place by any means.

The shower and window curtain both came from our family friend's boutique, Olde District 5. I was looking for a black plaid shower curtain and she happened to have one when I was walking around her store one day. I had her order in the window valence to match. There's just enough beige in the curtains to add a nice accent color to the room. I was worried it will be too warm with the cool walls but it worked out well and pulls out the warm yellow from the wood work.

Along with a calm, peaceful picture, every guest bathroom should have some humor to lighten the mood. I have never been a serious person and when I saw this sign at Green Oak Antiques I about died laughing and had to have it.

If only. If only......

It pairs nicely with the black star candle holder with the battery operated candle that needs to batteries. I've been telling myself for about 6 months to replace the batteries in that thing.

I like to keep plenty of wash cloths available in a guest bathroom. That's always the first thing I am searching for when I stay somewhere. I hate rummaging through people's bathrooms. A good quantity is a must so they aren't forced to use the same one over and over again. Or maybe that's just one of my quirks.

Another awkward situation I always find myself getting into as a guest is figuring out where the heck I should hang my towel along with my husband's and everything else we have going on in a tiny bathroom. Guest bathrooms are usually small and lack room for multiple towel bars so it's a good idea to have some hooks available as well for extra drying room.

I think we are all ready for guests! I'm thinking The Old Blue Silo Inn may be in our future? Ha. I doubt my husband would enjoy strange guests walking around. Maybe we will just settle for close family and friends. Any takers?

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