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Jun 2, 2013

sugar and cream with that?

My husband and I had a fun shopping day today. We visited Sam's Club and Target. We (or I should say "I") enjoy walking around and finding things we didn't know we needed before today. Stocking up on the usual supplies is a must in-between finds. I stumbled on something today that really excites me. Since we moved into our new house, I have been in search of the perfect kitchen rug. I experimented with a few, one being a primitive jute rug that kind of had the wrong colors and the corner kept curling up and it just seemed to trap debris in the nooks and crannies way too easily. Anyways we are walking through Sam's Club and I find this pretty cool mat just hanging out.

If you know me, you know I am a coffee fanatic. I go to sleep at night just so I can wake up and have a cup of coffee. I am not addicted. I just can't live without it! I am also in love with burlap and feed sacks so this mat just screams everything I adore. It's also made out of memory foam so that's an instant bonus. Isn't funny how such simple things can really make your day? I guess we should really be in love with our kitchen sink matt/rug considering we spend a lot of time on it and near it!

It actually looks really good too. The picture makes it look like it blends with the floor but trust me, it really pops out in person! I am excited. I hope to add more fun coffee theme d├ęcor in my kitchen.

I found this sign a few months ago and had to have it. It describes me perfectly. I hung it by my "coffee bar".  I don't now what I would do without my Keurig. I know a lot of coffee snobs do not care for them but it really works great with my life style. I am on the go a lot and my husband doesn't drink coffee so there's no point in waiting on a full pot of coffee to brew and go to waste. I love my Keurig so much that I devoted an entire kitchen cabinet to my pods. Actually, the top shelf has baskets with my mixer accessories so technically it's not the entire cabinet.

My mother in law gave me a gift card to for my birthday and I just ordered a huge variety of all different new flavors to try. I am excited. I can't wait to stand on my new mat tomorrow and sip on a glorious cup of coffee.

The husband doesn't drink coffee but he does like hot chocolate so I am always sure to keep a box of Swiss Miss K-cups around for him. This way, he will be very supportive on the day this Keurig breaks down and we have to go out and buy a new one.......

He must have known I was talking about him.

Wow, I just wrote an entire post about a kitchen mat and coffee. Oh, the simple things :)

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