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Jun 9, 2013

office ideas

The husband and I had a very busy weekend. We had graduation parties galore and we were side dressing in the fields in between and doing some yard work. We decided to have a relaxing Sunday evening of take out pizza and lounging. That doesn't happen often around here! I think it's just because Ice Road Truckers new seasons starts tonight and Dan doesn't want to risk missing it.....
I am semi lounging. I am working on a few loads of laundry and some office ideas.
In June I am taking two days off work to purge, clean out and unpack the room in the shop that we built for my office. Right now it's so embarrassing I don't want to take a picture of it. I'd like to, but I can't bring myself to do it. You know how every clean house has a junk room or a junk drawer? Well my office in it's current state is definitely the junk room.
It's where I toss anything I can't figure a spot for. You know, those items you need to just get rid of but you can't bring yourself to do it quite yet?
It's also the room where I keep all my design supplies and my desktop computer with my printer and Adobe Suite programs. Problem is, I can't get to my computer without having to climb over a mountain of boxes. It's pathetic, really.
I've been battling on whether or not I just want to make it functional right now or pick a theme and create it into something unique and different. The carpet is already a dark brown color and the walls are beige and the trim and doors are knotty pine. I did the rustic, lodge theme upstairs in our master room and bathroom so a part of me doesn't want to do the lodge theme in my office too. I just don't want to get burnt out on it. I guess I could go with a more modern style with a rustic touch? I just don't know.
I love offices that have built in desks and cabinets. There is lots of storage and it just looks clean and crisp. But this is expensive and I just don't want to spend that kind of money right now.
I love the idea of having a drafting table in my office. It would be fun to find a vintage one at a sale somewhere. I like the colors in the above office. Very subtle and classic.
My biggest inspiration has been A Bowl Full of Lemon's office space. Her office doesn't really have a direct theme 
and utilizes practical, functional and achievable ideas. If I could find some shelving, cubbies and a desk similar to these but in a pine color, I think I would be happy. I have never been a fan of white. Don't get me wrong, it looks great in her office but it is just not a color that makes me happy when I am surrounded by it.
I have also thought about just getting a few Life Time tables, some crates and setting up a temporary situation until I figure out what I really want.
Oh what to do, what to do.

I think I need to work in the space for a while, first. Figure out what all I will exactly be doing in my office. Hands on projects? Computer design work? Thinking? Reading? Writing?

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