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Jun 7, 2013

reupurposed silo pieces

So originally, I believe this farm had three silos. Family members, please correct me if I am wrong as I am still learning the history. Two of the three were cement. One of the cement silos was long gone pre-Kelly days. About a year or so after I met my husband, he wanted to get rid of the silos. I begged and pleaded for him to at least keep the blue one. At the time, he did not know how much the blue silo reminded me of the first time I pulled into his drive.

Everyone often asks me "Aren't you going to get rid of that old thing?" and I quickly get a gut wrenching feeling. I don't know what it is about that old blue silo, but I want it. Then I am asked "What are you guys going to use it for?" Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just want him there, is all. You know, kind of like a giant, blue, rusty security blanket. I have big plans for the big blue silo someday. If there is a way, I'd like to get him repainted and restored. I don't know if paint will stick to it or not and I don't want to screw it up. But for now, I kind of dig his rustic characteristics.

As for his brother, the cement silo. He gone. It was about to fall over any day. However, I did find a way to repurpose some of the blocks as a memorandum of the original farm.

I turned the blocks into some stepping stones. Dan found it odd that once the Amish crew came through and knocked the silo down that I wanted to save a few blocks. I think he is glad that  did, now. My mother in law has some blocks as well. I think she was going to attempt a patio someday. Maybe I can bum a few or four off of her to create a path on the other side of the house.

You'll have to excuse my mulch. The 5 inches of rain we received last Friday destroyed it. I have some work to do this weekend.

You just never know what you can repurpose old junk into. It didn't take much to install them either. Before I put the mulch down, I placed the blocks where I wanted them and when we spread the mulch it was flush with the blocks. They don't move around because they are really heavy.

This is a shot of how I used the blocks originally to do a little landscaping around Dan's house shortly after the silo was knocked down when we first met. This house no longer exists and we moved the blocks and bushes to the new house! These types of projects are a blast to begin with but they are even more fun and meaningful when you can incorporate sentimental items.

This is a shot of the farm with the cement silo circa 5, 6, 7 years ago? It looks completely different now.

It's amazing how much can change in so little time. Although, during the two years of that change, it felt like centuries. Don't be afraid to move forward, but be sure to hold onto something good from the past. After all, the past is what makes us who we are today.


  1. My dad has some former milk house steps at the farm that I'll be using on our patio as a support base for our grill. I'm so excited! I also recently repurposed some of his old barn wood to build shelving in our garage. I love them!

  2. That's so cool, Angie! Can't wait to see it. I saw your barn wood shelves. Those were awesome. I was coughing loudly at Dan to encourage him into doing something like that for his office to display things. Thanks for the comment :)


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