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Aug 28, 2013

junk pie plates or decor?

So the other day I posted about a little picking trip I went on. I had mentioned my pile of rusty pie plates and how I had a project in mind for them in the kitchen! Well, I finally was able to finish that project Monday night. It was so humid out, I was better off inside, anyways! You'd think it was July or something...

So I have always liked the looks of pretty plates on kitchen or dining room wallls but I think that look would be a little to clean cut in my kitchen. I already have the pretty, custom cabinets and the shiny nice countertops so I want to balance out those modern elements with some more rustic pieces. I decided to create a "plate vignette" out of pie plates around the bathroom entry. 

Entry before : 

I've been kind of "bored" with that area... It doesn't scream "kitchen" to me. I had an old letter press drawer with little trinkets on the wall but my command strip gave out and it fell down and went kaboom. That was about the third time that has happened so I gave up on that idea. I'm not into putting nails on the wall unless I really absolutely know something will be there a long, long time. As much as I change my mind, command strips are the way to go. I removed the candle holder. It can go somewhere else.

I gave my pie plates a good scrubbing. They were a little greasy and dusty from sitting in antique stores. I just used warm dish soapy water and a soft brush. I found this to be the best method for removing dust and hand grease from antiques. I let them dry for a day.

Once the plates were dry and ready to go, I got out my pencil, rule and trusty velcro command strips.

I placed a strip in the middle of the plate and then I placed another strip on top of it, marrying the velco. I peeld off the outside adhesive and once I measured where I wanted my plates to go, I just pressed the plate firmly up against the wall.

The first three turned out great. I fell in love!

Once I put the rest of the plates up, I wasn't too happy with myself...  They just seemed kind of awkward.

I decided to let them be and maybe they would grow on me. And I was right. They realy did! When I was making dinner my eye kept glancing over to them and I would smile. I think it was just such a large change from how plain the entry way was before. I think once I get a larger shelf on the other side of the pantry, my wall spaces would be balanced out and I would like my pie plate vignette even more.

Funny thing, Dan didn't even notice them. He didn't say a word. He's the type of guy to say something too when he notices something new in the house.

Jack noticed. He's still trying to get use to them. He was quite the pest batting command strips all over the house!

So I am pretty happy with my little project. It's something I have been cooking up in my head so it was fun to finally execute it. It looks way better in person.

And you remember those torn up old books I bought the other day too for $1 and $2.5? I used them as props under my living room lamp! It's just what that space needed.

 Ah yes, and my amazing cheese grater find? I hung it by my kitchen sink on the cabinet. Don't mind the command strip... I will find a more discrete way to hang this without drilling or nailing. I just wanted to make sure I liked it first. And I love it!

Don't you love finding pieces that seem like they were meant to go in your home? Especially when they were bargains? It always makes me giddy!

Not giggidy, giggidy, giggidy. Although that's fun to say. But giddy.

Oh giddy day!


  1. I, too, am in love with that cheese grader!! Definitely an awesome score!!!
    (the pie plates look awesome too!)

  2. Thanks Traci! I have no clue how I came across it. I must be lucky :)

  3. Love the pie plates! Vintage pieces are so wonderful especially in the kitchen I think. They each have a story, or two, to tell. You might consider mounting (yes, with nails!) a simple shelf where you can display things you find. Only the shelf is permanent -- you can rotate vintage pieces in and out as you tire of the old ones and find new treasures!

  4. Thanks Betty! I actually found a really nice shelf this past weekend. I am going to paint it a cream color to add some light into the kitchen and it will go on the other side of my pantry! I definitely plan on rotating vintage finds in and out within the shelf. Great idea :)


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