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Aug 14, 2013

office decisions and lilies

In June, I posted some office ideas. Different layouts, desk ideas, etc. I've been pinning a lot of office and organization ideas throughout the year. It's a room that's been sitting on my mental back burner for a while. After we moved in, it was kind of used as a catch all and for a while it served as storage. I cleaned out a lot of it and I am almost to the point where I am ready to start making some decisions about what I'd like to do. I have a little temporary setup with some Lifetime tables and it's okay, but it's time to make this a place where I actually want to be. 

I know what I would like to do for a desk, work space and shelving, I just have to actually build it. I am thinking that may be a winter project. My dad is currently tearing down an old shed on their property and it has some wood in really great shape. It's really, really old wood but it's not weathered since it was inside.

It will have a similar structure to Donna's at Funky Junk Interiors :

Make a pallet wood desk! - Full home tour via Funky Junk Interiors

and quite possible more like this :X Leg Desk Plans

But what I have been really struggling with the most are colors and theme. My trim and doors are knotty pine to match the lodge style theme in the rest of the house, the walls are already a light taupe and I have a brownish industrial carpet that has specks of taupe, purple, hunter green, navy in it. Sounds odd, but when you stand back and look at it, it's brown. 

Anyways, today is the day I finally made up my mind on style and color and I am so excited for this room to come together. Most of my house consists of darker, earthy, country primitive colors. And I love it. But my office needs to be a little more light and airy. It needs to have less of a cozy, country feel and just more of a productive, more modern but rustic air to it. It all came together when I found a valance at Lowes with teal, and different shades of browns with a paisley pattern. It's almost like a light bulb went on inside my head! The light bulb that has been burnt out for so long when it came to this room...

I came home and pulled out the lamp shade from the lamp makeover I performed, a cork board with a teal border, a galvanized bucket I've been keeping my Sharpies in for years and most favorite item in the world, a blue mason jar. I put all my inspiration pieces in front of some old wood since that's what my furniture will be made out of. 

I now know why people create idea boards and find inspiration items before they go painting a room. 

I just love the teal up against the faded old barn wood and the galvanized metal. As soon as  I was dead set on this valence and my accent color of teal, I practically ran to the spray paint section at Lowes to find it. I have this little cabinet my mom use to keep in her kitchen and whatever accent color I decided my office was going to be, that's what color the cabinet would be painted. I first want to try painting something small like a little shelf first and see how the color turns out. I also bought some antique glaze and some other goodies for when I embark on my painting adventures. I still have a high off of painting that lamp. And I don't mean from the fumes!

So that means stay tuned from some more paint projects coming up!

Don't you just love it when an idea comes together? I am just digging these colors. I'm a brown girl. Teal goes with brown like peanut butter goes with jelly.

I think I may start doing inspiration boards from now on before I decorate a room. It's a good way to see if an idea is going to pull together or not.

On a side note, I think today was one of the nicest days we had all summer. The sun was shining. It stayed cooler in the 70s. It was just gorgeous. It almost reminded me of fall.

But as I was chomping on some sweet corn, grilling out burgers and eating watermelon sherbet, it felt like summer again. But like I said earlier, we're slowly saying goodbye to summer. Before it goes, we have some late summer blooming action going on right now! 

These beauties are called resurrection lilies. Their greenery comes up in the early spring (It kind of looks like a Daffodil's greenery) and you don't see any flowers. THEN, the greenery dies off. Completely gone. Later, towards the end of summer, out of nowhere, these gorgeous pink lilies just pop up! It's the weirdest thing. They're really tall too. About up to my stomach. They're kind of odd looking because they literally have no greenery surrounding them right now. This is the first time they've shot up since I transplanted them. Last summer we didn't get any blooms.

Another late summer/early fall bloomer is sedum. This is one of my most favorite plants! If you're good at killing plants, this is for you. They're extremely hardy.These are a new sedum plant I got from Lemler Valley Farms but I also have some really old sedum that blooms a peach color that I transplanted from my grandma's house. It's not blooming quite yet. Almost.

My ornamental grass is coming to seed.

Yep, falling is a coming.

And the new season of Ducky Dynasty starts tonight!! I hope I can stay awake.....

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