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Oct 19, 2013

last hints of fall

I can't believe October is half over already. It's be an amazing fall here in Northern Indiana. One of my favorites. In fact, our annuals are still alive and even some of my spring blooming creeping flox are confused with their cute little buds. Our trees are JUST NOW starting to change.

This next week, though. This is the week. You see the leaves are starting to fall. The air gets almost crisp enough to where you may need gloves at times. It's that transition from fall into winter. Halloween is in a few weeks and we all know that the trees are bare by then.

My assignment to you Hoosiers this week, no matter how cold the weather or cloudy the sky, soak in all the last hints of fall. The leaves are changing beautifully, cider is still being pressed, there's still pumpkins to buy and combines are in the fields yet. 

I still have my fall adrenaline rush that I get every year because I just love this season so much. I want to wake up and have every day be like today. Minus the rain. I want to see the bright green grass, colorful leaves, the crispy, brown crops reminding us how blessed we are, pumpkins on every porch and I want to wear vests and flannels all year long. Have you ever seen those movies where the little towns are stuck in a season all year long like Christmas or Halloween? Nightmare Before Christmas is one that comes to mind. Well, the season I would want to be stuck in is definitely this one. 

I want to be buzzed on pumpkin spice coffee and creamer all year long.

I love getting freshly pressed cider from the orchards and making apple crisp from local apples. They just never taste quite the same being imported the rest of the year. My friends and family have been apple baking, saucing, canning and dehydrating fools. 

Sometimes it's hard for us farmers to enjoy fall to it's fullest because we are in a frenzy of getting the crops in but at the same time, we get to see and feel it on a whole different level that no one else gets to experience. There's something about riding in the combine and skimming over the corn crop and seeing the beautiful shades of browns, reds, and orange among the landscape in the distance. I love watching the deer jump out and on to their next location. 

There's something about walking through a mature corn crop as the corn stalks crinkle against your jacket. The whole world instantly goes away and you're left with nothing but your thoughts. And maybe a few spiders. And no, there are not creepy, possessed, zombie children lurking around in our corn. Thanks for that, Stephan King. 

And the sky in October. Just beautiful. Lately the sunrise and sunsets have been casting that reddish, pink glow. 

It's almost time for us Hoosiers to go into what I like to call our winter hibernation. But before we go, take lots of pictures, enjoy the fresh air and remember to be thankful for this wonderful season. We really are blessed to live in a state where we get to perfectly experience all four seasons to their fullest. 

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  1. Such a great and true post!
    I nominated you for the liebster award! Check out my last post for details.


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