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Oct 21, 2013

single cup mulled cider

I've been craving mulled cider like you wouldn't believe. I'm talking the warm, steamy stuff that's been brewed with cinnamon sticks, oranges and cloves. The kind of cider you find at a good harvest or Christmas party simmering in the crock pot.

Well, since I am not going to a harvest party or Christmas party anytime soon, the chances of me indulging in a crock pot full of steamy, mulled cider are far and few between right now. 

I've been craving it so much that I was seriously going to run to the grocery store and buy a few oranges but than an idea popped into my head! Why make an entire crock pot full for one person when you can make a single cup? 

I bought some orange and spice tea bags a while back. I actually made some tea with these bags for the first time the other day it was really good tea! It's decaf so I sipped some before bed.

As I was contemplating how to make a single cup of mulled cider without wasting an entire orange, the idea of using this orange and spice tea bag in my hot cider came to mind. The tea bag already has all the ingredients of a great mulled cider!

So, I took out my handy dandy gallon of freshly pressed cider that came from my parent's Amish neighbors and put about a cup and a half into a mug. I then microwaved my mug for about two minutes. The tea bag was inserted and steeped for about 5 minutes.

I took a sip.


It tasted heavenly. Like cider that's been mulling in the crock pot all day. You couldn't even taste any tea. Just cider. And orange. And Spice.

You should try it.

So let's recap:

1 1/2 Cup of Fresh Cider (Not that pasteurized, concentrated gunk from the grocery store but I suppose if that's all you have... we have no choice)
1 Tea bag of Orange and Spice Herb Tea (Mine is Bigelow)

Microwave cider for 2 minutes. Seep tea bag 5 minutes.

Love it.

What about you? Do you like your cider cold or hot? Mulled or left alone? Maybe you even like it hard?


  1. You are totally making me want some of this! Yum! and so great for fall!


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