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Oct 27, 2013

sunday fun day: 15 ways

Happy Sunday, everyone! I just got home from a little party and I am in my comfy clothes and cozy by the fire. Love it. I thought it would be fun to share something fun today to mix it up a little.

I love posts where you can get to know a writer or blogger on a more personal level. I tend to follow blogs where I can really connect with the writer. As much as I love writing about working on the farm, interior design, crafts and recipes, it's fun to be able to share things on a more personal level so you can get to connect and know me more!

A few new blog friends of mine, [j.l.d.] Photograph and High Heels and Shotgun Shells created posts similar to Pioneer Woman's Fifteen Ways Marlboro Man and I Are Different. I thought they were such fun posts to read. I learned a lot about the writers and their spouse! I decided this was something I wanted to do but I added a fun twist to the idea to change things up a bit...... I explained these posts to my husband and asked him to list 15 ways we are different! He kind of grunted at first and felt like he was doing homework. I insisted it would be fun... he kind of rattled them off as he was flicking through Tractor House on his phone. It was so fun to see what he came up with!

So here are 15 ways my husband thinks we are different:

Quoted directly from Dan the Man:

1. "I like no landscaping. You like masses of flowers."

2. "I sleep with minimal clothing. You sleep like a stinking Eskimo."

3. "I drive fast. You drive slow."

4. "I'm in a hurry. YOU.... are never."

5. "I hate to cook. You love to cook."

6. "My idea of a magazine is tractor porn aka Tractor House. Your idea of a magazine is something living... no, country..... or something This Old House."

7. "My idea of a workout is tossing bags of seed around. Your idea is going for a run."

8. "I like action movies. You like.................boring ones."

9. "I write fast and scribbly. You write slow and pretty. "

10. "And I am done. I can't think of any more."

Well, that went well! HA! It was kind of like pulling teeth. I don't think men like these fun thinking games the way us ladies do.

Job well done, husband. We will give you an S for satisfactory, I suppose!

****EDIT*** As he comes running down the stairs while I am writing this. We are keeping this real!

"Oh, oh, oh I thought of some more!"

11. "I only shave when I start to look like a homeless man. You do it often."

12. "You make the bed everyday. I think of it as one less thing to do because I'm going to mess it up again."

***CLOSE EDIT*** As he goes back upstairs.

****EDIT*** As he hollers down the stairs again.

13. "My navigational compass is great. Yours never started spinning."

14. "I would rather sit in the dark. You would rather have every light in the house on."

"How many is that?" he asks.


"Oh so close!" he shouts in excitement.

I ask if he has any more.

"Give it time."

I seriously hear Jeopardy music going in the background....... doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.

15. "I prefer quick showers and you prefer long bubble baths."

Okay, maybe I should change his "S" to an "A".... He did great! I thought for sure he wasn't going to finish.

So everyone, I have a challenge for you! Have your spouse list 15 ways they think you are different! It's so fun to see what they say. Link up your posts to my comment section! :)


  1. This was a good idea - I haven't seen this before!

  2. You should do a link up to a 15 things thing.... I'm going to ask Mike to list things. He's good at lists! I agree on the compass thing... yours doesn't spin. Do you even own a navigational compass? HA! Love ya!

  3. seriously that is SOOOO CUTE! I love it!!! He did great!!!!


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