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Feb 17, 2014

Mason Jar Mondays: Recycled Glass Earrings

Today I am sharing something very, very....... very, very cool. I apologize to the guys, because I know these may not interest you but HEY, the mason jar enthusiast woman in your life will LOVE you if you buy them these earrings made from recycled antique 1940 ball jars.

Darn it! I am a little too late for Valentine's Day....... how about a post Valentine's Day gift? Catch her off guard! Do they make cards for that? I think I just thought of a million dollar idea...... 

Anyways, back to the featured earrings. I tend to get excited sometimes. And off track. 

I stumbled across these earrings on Amazon one day. I thought they were pretty cool. Didn't think much of it. Earrings made out of recycled mason jars. 20 bucks. I'm game. 

So, I ordered them and once they arrived, I noticed the business name, Bottled up Designs on the cute little card they were attached to along with their website,

I decided to visit Bottled Up Design's website to find out more about these earrings and to see what else they had to offer! 

Turns out, the artist of these beautiful pieces is an antique bottle collector and she would search through dumps and various places looking for unique finds! She noticed a lot of broken glass at these dumps and was concerned about the wildlife hurting themselves on the pieces. As she picked up the pieces, she noticed how beautiful the glass was even though it was broken. That's when she decided to make jewelry out of the glass! Besides mason jars, she also has other pieces in various colors from beer, wine, soda, cocoa cola bottles and much more

The mason jar earrings are my favorite piece she makes but I also enjoy the matching ring as well. Maybe I will get this for a post Valentine's Day gift? *COUGH*  *COUGH* 

Picture Courtesy of

You'll definitely have to check out the other pieces this artist makes. Very cool stuff. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my new earrings!

Eeeeee! Look at that creepster. That's me in the raw. Pre-processed if you will. Kind of like Sugar in the Raw. Or not. You'd think I'd learn how to take a good selfie with my camera but it's pretty much impossible. That's about as best as I could get after 10 minutes of an awkward photo shoot in front of the bathroom mirror.  Next time I'll use my phone. But hey, check out those SWEET earrings!

Until now, stay tuned until next week for more Mason Jar Monday!

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  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing - I'm gonna go pin these on my wish list now! :)


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