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Feb 9, 2014

Sunday Drvin' and Snow

My husband and I went on a little Sunday drive through our neighborhood to check out the snow landscapes this morning. I took my camera along of course and played a little more with my 55-300 mm lens. Won't you join us for a little recap of what we saw?

We made a new exciting discovery as we were out on our drive:

A round barn we haven't seen before in our neighborhood!

Why is this exciting? Well, you see, our county is famous for the amount of round barns it once had and still possesses. We even have a festival called the Round Barn Festival every summer. These barns first emerged in Indiana around the late 1800s. In 1910 there was a large "boom" of round barns across Indiana. The last known round barn to be built in Indiana was in 1936. Round barns are endangered and there are very few left! Some of them have been beautifully restored and some even relocated. Others have not been so lucky.

Everyone knows about the obvious, more prominent ones off the highway in our town but the ones, like the one we found today, tucked away in the back roads are definitely our county's little secret. Maybe sometime I will go out and get pictures of all the ones I know of for you guys. I just think they're so cool!

This above picture is a driveway that leads up to an abandon farm where a corn crib still stands. My husband was trying to find the old farm house but it may be knocked down. His great aunt and uncle own this property. It was absolutely gorgeous with all the trees and the fresh snow.

Below you can see where the farm once was with the corn crib. Could you just imagine what it must have looked like back then? I'm picturing a big white farmhouse and a beautiful red barn. A garden with a mother and her kids pulling weeds. The father off in the distance with his one bottom plow. I could be wrong, but it's fun to use your imagination at abandon properties like this. I really have no clue what it looked like :)

We have had a lot of snow here in Indiana the last few months. More than average. The last few weeks, we keep getting more and more. Everyone is running out of room to stack it! Last night we received about 4-5 more inches and it created a fluffy, fresh, gorgeous landscape this morning.

We came across this property with an old M sitting out covered in snow. This tractor reminded us of the one we have that was my husband's grandpa's. I am not sure why this beauty is sitting out but it sure made for a great picture!

This above picture is one of the only bodies of water I have seen left unfrozen. Even the big Tippecanoe river near by is frozen. This is probably a ditch for farm tile. I bet it eventually leads to the river.

We came across these round bales with drifts of snow blanketed across. I think it would be fun as a kid to climb up on the bales and jump into the snow. Don't you?

This truck is an old International Harvester that belongs to one of our neighbors. Loving the turquoise. My husband was surprised to see it still sitting around. Hard to believe this old gem was once some body's trust old farm truck. Now it just sits in the weather living out it's last days.

I thought this road was neat as it goes through the woods with the river parallel to it. As you can see, the river is almost nearly frozen with snow nestled on top. We even saw quite few animal tracks running across the river.

Thanks for joining me on our little Sunday drive! This cozy little quiet neighborhood is really starting to grow on me! We are very blessed.


  1. Beautiful!! What a fun drive for you and the husband.

  2. Kelly,
    I love this post. Looks and sounds like you and your Hubby had a fun date!

    The first time we went back to Indiana (circa mid to late 1980's), Mom was amazed at all the big old barns. Barns that were in good shape and working order. She took lots of barn pictures. I was little enough to think it was neat also, but now I realize how cool it actually was. It's fun to look through her photo album and see the barns.

    I like to imagine what life was like on an abandoned farmstead too. I wish the old vehicles sitting around the countryside could tell their story.

    I want to photographing with you. I would be willing to jump hay bales with you too.

    1. Robyn, if our paths ever cross and we get to spend time together, I am definitely up for a photo shoot date! Your mom would be disappointed with how many barns have been knocked down since you guys have been to Indiana. In just the past 10 years, we lost 10,000. There are now only approx. 20,000 standing barns left in Indiana as of today. Not sure how many there were originally. That would be interesting to know

  3. Beautiful pictures, Kelly! I had never heard of round barns, and I have never seen one in Texas! I have the same camera as you do, and I so wish we had the landscaping that you do right now! We are cold, wet, and muddy!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I can't believe you have never heard of round barns.... I definitely need to take more pictures for you :) Round barns are so cool!

  4. This post is so lovely.. thanks for bringing your readers on a Sunday drive :) I love the contrast of the red tractor against the crisp, white snow.

    I've never seen a round barn in my life. My best friend is from Indiana so I'm going to add this to my list of sites to track down when I go to visit :)

    1. Hi Caitlin! Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed our Sunday drive as well! You DEFINITELY need to go on a round barn tour when you visit Indiana. Depending on which area she is from, I might be able to give you a few places to check out!


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