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May 8, 2014

Energizing Protein Bites

Today I have my first guest post on the blog! Recently, I had the opportunity to get together at my home with a newer friend, Kim. We sat at my kitchen island with coffee and had great conversation for hours. She brought over an amazing snack for me to try.. Energizing Protein Bites. Not only are they really good for you, but they taste like an amazing peanut buttery dessert! I am so excited that Kim will be sharing this recipe with you. I met Kim through her husband years ago when he and I worked together. 

Kim's father in law owned a flower shop most of my life. My grandfather who resided in Atlanta would call this particular flower shop usually once a month on a holiday or change of season to order flowers for my mom. We always knew when the flower shop van pulled up, we'd get a greeting from my Poppa. Kim and I are going through the gluten free adventure for health adventures so we have a lot in common. She has an awesome story to share. Enjoy!

Thanks to Kelly for allowing me to guest post on her blog! I’m Kim Waggoner. My passion is coming
along side others to inspire and encourage them to create healthy, happy, hopeful lives. My journey to
helping others began in March of 2010. Prior to that I was a full time ER nurse, busy mom and wife but
then at age 35 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. My life took an abrupt shift! Over the next 2
½ years I would receive 24 chemo treatments.

During that time I was determined that I wouldn't curse cancer but see it as a blessing! I wouldn’t waste the opportunity I was given to reach out and touch others lives! My focus as an ER nurse was using my knowledge to save heart attack, diabetes or strokes victims but then my focus became PREVENTING those diseases. So I birthed…Waggoner Health. I know what an original name. I am sharing today a gluten free recipe. I made these for my kids and they loved them! So much so that they took them to school and shared them. NOW I get special requests. In fact today I just made a second batch for a bunch of baseball players! So here ya go. Enjoy!

Energizing Protein Bites
Recipe makes about 2 ½ dozen Protein Bites

½ cup Natural Peanut Butter Creamy (oil on the top..not whipped)

1/3 cup Honey (I used local raw)

¼ c Flax Seeds

1 tsp Vanilla

1 cup Gluten Free Oats

½ cup Shaklee Vanilla Energizing Protein Powder or Shaklee Vanilla 180 Smoothee mix

¼ cup Mini Chocolate Chips

Mix Peanut butter, honey and vanilla. Then add other ingredients until all moistened. I used my small
scoop to make them into balls. If there are any left after my kids get done with them, I will put in the refrigerator.

Kim is also an independent distributor for Shaklee. You can order the Shaklee Vanilla Energizing Protein Powder! Also be sure to give her blog a visit at!

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