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May 5, 2014

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Reblogged from my contributing post at Rural Housewives of America

Mother's day, May 11, 2013 is quickly approaching! A lot of people tend to tag Mother's Day as a "Hallmark" holiday but I really truly believe that it is a very important day to honor the women that made us who we are today. I am not a mother myself, but I do appreciate all the hard work, time and energy that goes into being a mom. Especially a country mom! Country moms not only raise their children, but they're also the back bone of the farm, the home and the surrounding property. They have a lot on their plate and deserve to be pampered. 

I don't know about you guys, but it always seems like holidays sneak up on me. When you live in a small town, sometimes it's hard to get away to the city to find the perfect gift. I know the best gifts are the ones that are homemade but I also find it hard to get a last minute gift made and put together at times. I think as long as your store bought gift has a lot of thought and practicality to it, it can mean just as much as a hand made gift to any country mom.

I am always racking my brain for the perfect gifts for my mother and mother in law. They do so much for us and I know they don't need gifts to know how much we love them but sometimes it's just nice to do something for them that they normally wouldn't do for themselves.

I put together a list of my many last minute, quick, local ideas I had for our mother's this Mother's Day. Which one did I choose? I suppose I will leave that up to your imaginations for now as I do know they both read my articles :)

This product has been my mom's go-to source for online shopping the last few years. With an Amazon Prime Membership you get unlimited 2 day shipping on any item, unlimited access to various shows, movies and books that you can download right to your computer, tablet or even your TV depending on your options. I think this is a neat product to have but a lot of people are hesitant to pay the upfront cost. If your mom lives out in the middle of no where and does a lot of online shopping, this will be a great tool for her to have! Just think, you can update her membership every Mother's Day!

2. Garden Flag and Flag Holder
I think these mini flags are so much fun! They make a flag for just about any occasion, sports team, hobby or holiday possible. You can get your mom started with a holder and a few flags she can change out this summer. In the upcoming holidays, you can add to her flag collection! Our small home town has several stores with these little flags so I thought this would be a good option and something that may be available to most people. 

3. Pedicure/Manicure Gift Certificate
Your country mom works her hands an feet hard! You also know this is something most country moms won't do for themselves. "There's not point...... My nails will just chip and break being outside all the time.... Why do I need my toes done? I'm always in boots... " Not the point moms! The point is, you need pampered and let's face it, a pedicure, done correctly feels darn good! 

4. Hanging Plant
Most country moms take pride in their landscaping and their flowers! I love hanging baskets because they are already prepared, full and beautiful. Unlike fresh flowers, a hanging basket will cost about the same and can be enjoyed all summer long! Don't get me wrong, I love and support the fresh cut flower industry but I tend to enjoy fresh cut flowers more in the winter. You could also even push the idea further and get your mom a nice shepherds hook or contraption to hang her basket on! You can start a tradition and fill the hook every year.

5. Photographer's Gift Certificate
When is the last time your mom and dad have had their pictures taken together? When is the last time your family had a portrait done? Support a local photographer and pre-order a family shoot! You could even book it ahead so all the work is done, they just have to show up. Be sure to include enough money for the photographer to get some prints made so your mom doesn't have to worry about anything other than having some up to date, fresh portraits around! 

6. CSA Membership
Your country mom may live on a farm but does she have time between everything else she does to grow a garden as well? The irony, I know! You could purchase her a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership so she can enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and veggies all summer long! Find a local CSA program near you at To learn more about the CSA Program, visit Stacy at the Backroad Life.

Country moms love magazines! Why? Because they love keeping up with the latest and greatest information, too! Magazines are the most important for those who live out in the middle of nowhere. Pick up the first copy of a magazine your mom would love at your local pharmacy or grocery store so you have something to gift on Mother's Day then jump online and order her a year's subscription or purchase a gift certificate so she can pick out her own magazines or books!

9. Farm or Tractor Apparel
You're heading to the farm store or equipment dealership to pick up parts for the planter anyways, right? Why not pick up mom a hoodie, jacket or tshirt sporting her favorite brand just like dad's! Most stores even carry mom friendly colors such as pink or purple. If she's more of a tom boy, though, stick with the original. Not every girl likes pink!

I hope you guys took away some great ideas from my list. 

Maybe you already have your idea ready to go! Be sure to share your other last minute ideas with us!

Happy Mother's Day to all our lovely moms out there! 

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  1. Good idea list, Kelly. Our ranch/farm wife Mothers and Mother-in-Laws are amazing ladies. I like to get gift certificates for them to get a hair cut and color or massage. I also like the magazine subscription option. Mom and I often get a mag and share with each other; our current share is Martha Stewart Living.


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