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Mar 15, 2014

Country Women and Boots Explained

Most of us have been there.

Girl meets boy.

Boys meets girl.

Boy and girl get serious.

Boy asks girl, "Why do you need so many pairs of boots?

Girl changes subject.

Guys, if you haven't figured this out yet, #boots are just as important to some of us girls as shelter, food, water and clothing are to you. In fact, I think they should change the 4 means of survival to 5: shelter, food, water, clothes and boots.

When I met my husband, he owned only two pairs of boots. One pair for work/farm/chores. And one pair for "good." Three years of us dating and two and a half years of marriage later, he's up to like 7. And, he couldn't be any happier! Or maybe his wife couldn't be happier because she's not having to clean up a pair before every outing.

I did a Facebook poll with my lady readers/followers last night asking how many pairs of boots were owned by each. I was talking any type of boot. I had numbers everywhere from 0 to 28. I felt relieved finding a few ladies that own almost twice the amount I do. Phew! The average came to 8.5 pairs - I thought for sure it would be a lot higher but a lot of my farm girl and cowgirl friends who I personally KNOW have a ridiculous number of cowboy and muck boots didn't weigh in.

So men, I'm going to answer your question on behalf of us gals with a lot of boots. Minimalists, I highly suggest you not read the rest. What I am about share about us gals with a boot fetish will make you cringe.

You see, women naturally like to be prepared. For all situations. And when it comes to #boots, I mean all situations. You just never know what life is going to throw at you and what type of boot you will need. Or not not need. But it's there. Just in case you need it.

The Go-To Boot
This is your almost daily boot. Your security blanket. It goes with everything. It usually has a casual edge to it but can be transformed into dressy if needed while travel. It's usually your most practical, comfortable pair. If your house caught fire, this would be the pair you grab.

The Cute Boot That No Longer Can Be Worn But You're Still Holding Onto It
This boot took you places. It has stories. It's cute. It's worn in. But it's no longer comfortable. Maybe your feet got wider. Maybe it's had new soles put on and just doesn't feel the same anymore. Maybe your taste has changed and you're in denial. Whatever case may be, this boot isn't going anywhere. It has landed a permanent spot in your closet even though you never wear it. But you might. 

The Work/Chore Boot(s)
This boot, typically a retired, worn out go-to boot that is no longer desirable for wearing in public is specifically for doing dirty work outside or in the barn. These boots will take you on adventures anywhere from pulling weeds to driving tractor to mucking out manure. Noted: It's pretty common for a girl to have 3-4 pairs of work boots even though only one pair is worn out of the lot as it's the most comfortable. By law, we do NOT count these boots. In fact, they become non-existent when it comes to deciding if we need another pair of boots or not. 

The Bonfire and Tractor Pull Boot
This boot is in the stage before it's turned into a work boot. You can't quite let go just yet as it's still acceptable for wearing at rugged social functions where you might get slightly dirty. For instance, going to a bonfire or tractor pull. Hence the name.  

The Casual Dress Boot
This boot is for casual dressing up. Conventions, bar hopping, date nights, etc. Most girls have a pair in brown and black. Possibly other pairs in different styles. 

The Special Occasion Dress Boot
This boot is for in the professional work place, funerals, weddings. Usually pretty boring. Usually dons an uncomfortable higher heel. Either brown or black. Sometimes a pair in both are owned. Outfits are planned based on what color special occasion boot you own. 

The Trendy Boot
This is the boot you had to have because every one else has this style this year. Cowboy Boot. Ugg Boot. Riding Boot. Whatever it may be, you stepped out of your comfort zone to buy it. Sometimes you like it. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes...... it never gets worn. Sometimes it's turned into your go-to boot!

The Colored Boot
Usually your favorite/signature color outside brown or black. You know, there just might be that day that you might finally find a top to go with this boot. 

The Boot That Was On Sale
We all know that boot. We bought it because it was on sale. And it was only cute because it was on sale. It got worn a few times in the beginning. This boot usually ends up at a consignment or another friend's closet. 

The Rain Boot
Self explanatory. Usually rubber. Water proof. Sometimes can be doubled as a work boot given certain situations.

The Snow Boot You Wear in Public
This boot is just for snow. Lots of snow. It's worn in public to work or the grocery store. Mine happen to embarrass my husband. He doesn't think I need to wear them in public. But I think they're freaking cool. 

The Snow Boot You Wear at Home
This boot is only worn outside to ride the snowmobile or to play in the snow. Maybe you wear it to get out to the barn to do chores. It's usually more functional than it is desirable.

The Winter Boot
Made to keep your feet warm but not for actually wearing in the snow. Often fur lined and usually turned into the go-to boot for the winter season.

The Boot You Actually Wear Riding
These boots are saved just for riding horses, your motorcycle, four wheeler or whatever your hobby mode of transportation may be. They're functional and comfortable. 

So boys, there's your answer. 

I know, you think we're still crazy. And that's OK. We think you have too many farm toys. 

Editor's Note: This was just for fun. And only created for my guilt of having to move my husband's slippers off the shoe rack in our closet to make room for boots. I know there are larger, more important issues in this world that need discussed. Like the concern of GMOs in tampons

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  1. Cute idea, Kelly!
    Here is my list:

    The Boot That No Longer Can Be Worn But You're Still Holding Onto: Mine are red and I got them around Valentine's Day in 1992. I showed lots and lots of steers in them. They are on a shelf in the living room decorated with wheat.

    The Work/Chore Boot: I got a pair of Justin lace-up all natural work boots when I was a Senior in High School. I was so excited to get them. They are in the closet and haven't been touched for years; I may need them for chores someday.

    I have a pair of green paisley muck boots for the spring thaw and rainy days.

    The Casual Dress Boot: Square toed with a brown and light brown patchwork pattern.

    The Special Occasion Dress Boot a/k/a Wedding and Funeral Boots: ostrich skin with tall turquoise tops.

    The Snow Boot You Wear at Home: Neos. They go over your regular chore shoes and keep feet warm in inclement winter weather.

  2. What a great list! If I was at home and had a visual on all my boots I'd list them out like Robyn too! Off the top of my head my Muck brand Muckmasters are my 'Rain Boot', 'Snow Boot You Wear at Home' and 'Winter Boot' all rolled into one. And frankly, they've gotten too much use the last few months!

  3. Love this! I'll admit when I first saw your post I was like "oh another one about someone who has 8+ pairs of cowboy boots and I'll feel bad/jealous" but when I read your list it all made sense! These would be mine...

    - The "new" pair of cowboy boots I got last summer - my first pair of square toes and right now my go to "nice shoes"
    - The "old" pair of cowboy boots that are better for wearing with dresses/etc, I wore them in my wedding so I'll never get rid of them. Came from New Mexico.
    - The mud boots - the go to chore boots when it's wet or cold.
    - The old, bought-second-hand cowboy boots that are only used for chores when it's not muddy/cold. Totally worth the $10 I payed for them.
    - The hog barn boots. Obviously hog barn use only.
    - The lace up work boots, that I got in high school and wore for chores a lot, and don't wear anymore but can't bear to get rid of them.
    - A pair of my grandpa's old boots, which while technically are mine are way too big but I have plans to use them in decorating someday :)

    I used to have more also but this is all I can think of right now - I need to add some more I think!

    1. Also, although I haven't clicked on that link, your last paragraph made me lol too much!

  4. Who said I need so many pairs of work boots? I am really happy with my Timberland Titan shoes.

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