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Mar 12, 2014

When Dreams Go

This really has been a long winter for most of us that's for sure. Honestly, it's been a winter of nothing but complaining. Half the time, I don't think people even realize that they are complaining.

I have written about the seasons on my blog in the past and how important they are in making things go round. A good read and my take on the importance of seasons can be found here, We spend our lives always waiting for that next season. As human beings, we thrive on the anticipation of something new and exciting.

You know, I've never been a fan of summer. It's always just too darn hot for me most of the time and I always wind up with a stinking sunburn. We've had a few mild summers here in Indiana that I've thoroughly enjoyed, but for the most part it's hot and humid. I've been saying, despite the long winter we've had, I will still be the first in line complaining about our first 90 degree day. (Keep in mind, our 90 degree days are usually paired with humidity. They aren't like the 90 degree days you find out in California or Arizona.)

I've been thinking, though, as much as I love winter, maybe I will actually appreciate this summer. Maybe there will be a positive out of all this ice, blowing and snow we've had for the past 4 long months. This has obviously been mother nature's way of saying hey, y'all just need to slow down and take it easy. When you stop and think about all the crazy that's been going on in the world, it's hard not to appreciate the many hours we've been stuck at home with our families.

I know we needed it.

My husband and I have had a lot of time to dream together this winter. It has been a HUGE blessing.  We've had a lot of time to chat about our goals and figure out where we want our lives to head. That's something we haven't had a chance to sit back and do since before our wedding and starting the process of house building.

For a while, as we were just coasting on through current goals and dreams, future dreams really did feel like a barren field frozen with snow. This winter really has taught me how to dream again. Lately, we've all been dreaming about flowers and the birds chirping, obviously... but what I'm talking about is beyond just dreaming about the next season.

I'm ready for the snow to melt, the sun to shine and dreams to start coming true.

How about you?

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