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Mar 10, 2014

Mason Jar Monday: Favorite Drinking Jars

Boy, have I had a cruddy week back from vacation! I don't think I've touched my stove all week and I haven't done a single thing on my daily cleaning chart...... Between feeling flu-ish and throwing my back out, there's been a lot of couch and bed time....... but hardly any blogging time! Funny how that works. You get more done when you're super busy and absolutely nothing at all done when you're doing absolutely nothing at all! Hey, at least the sun is shining here in Indiana :)

So, I can't believe it's Monday already, again..... and you know what that means... it's time for Mason Jar Monday! Where I share my favorite mason jar finds.. 

This week, I am sharing:

Drinks are so much more refreshing in a mason jar!

1. Country Sippers // Meijers

I ended up purchasing the sunflower model and have been using it all week! I am a huge fan of Tervis tumblers and these are a cheaper, mason jar version. You're without the Tervis warranty and these aren't dishwasher safe, but you still get zero sweating and some insulation! They definitely don't stand up to the power of a Tervis, though. Boo! Guys, I cannot find a link to these anywhere! You will have to come to Indiana or Michigan and visit a Meijers if you want one...... :/

2. County Fair Drinking Jar // Libbey

I love these drinking glasses by Libbey. They are thick, sturdy and the handles are great! These were in our wedding registry and a good friend purchased them for us. These guys are my "fine crystal"... they get whipped out when guests are coming over! They pair nicely with my enamelware. I don't use them daily because they tend to sweat pretty easily! You can't beat the deal Amazon has going on, either.. 12 jars for $22.49! I do believe you can also find these in various colors now! 

You guys, now THIS is cool. I have a Ninja and just the other day, I was thinking how cool it would be if you could use your mason jars with their lids....... then I stumbled across this machine on Amazon! You actually use your own mason jars with the bladed lids to create your own smoothies. I won't be purchasing one as I love my ninja..... but maybe you will and let me know how much you love it? :) 
Photo Courtesy of Amazon

4. Clear Plastic Mason Jar Mug // Paper Source

I do not own one of these, but one is definitely on my wish list. They remind me of the Country Sipper Jar but look a little more authentic to a mason jar. Maybe they are a little more heavy duty as well! They look like real glass which is fun. I stumbled across Paper Source a while back. They have a lot of unique gifts that you can personalize! 

Photo Courtesy of Paper Source

Last but not least, is this cool lid gadget that turns any old wide mouth mason jar into a travel mug when paired with a canning ring! How handy would these be for the Libbey County Fair drinking glasses featured earlier? They have many color options available! Of course my favorite is the teal, though.. 

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

That's all I have for this week! Stay tuned for the next Mason Jar Monday feature.. and as always, if you see anything new and exciting related to mason jars, don't forget to email me


  1. I have an Oster blender I got for my wedding 12 years ago and I use my mason jars with it...the blade screws off and fits perfectly on a jar...

  2. Cool! I want a "sippy lid" for a mason jar sooo bad... I just need to break down and buy one! I can just imagine using it all the time (iced coffee, wine, mixed drinks) if I had one!

  3. Kelly,
    I hope you feel better soon!

    You are right a body in motion stays in motion and one can get a lot of stuff done. My problem is, one day I'm the energizer bunny and the next I'm ask my self why I over did it yesterday.

    Saturday I went on a pre-calving trip to the Big City with a good friend (she is also married to J's cousin). It was a busy and very fun day. J stayed home, did chores and calved heifers by himself. Between both of us having big days and the time change, Sunday morning chores came way to early. Yeah for the homemade lasagna I pulled out of the freezer and an afternoon nap.


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