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Mar 17, 2014

Spring '14 Wish List

I'm all about lemon right now. Can't get any springier than that. Is springier a word? It is now.

2. Fit Bit 
I really, really want a Fit Bit. They track your activity and your sleep. Is it really necessary? Will I wear it a week and be over it? Testamonies welcome in comments! 

Loving how crisp and cool this shirt is. I felt it at the store. Over and over and over again. But the price tag kept us apart. Even with their %30 off sale. Everyone needs a little Gingham in their life. Especially navy gingham. Lets roll the sleeves up and enjoy some sunshine! Ok, maybe not right now. But hopefully soon.

SOLD OUT. But I am still keeping my eye on this bracelet. Love all the different textures and the pop of sparkle. I am not much of a sparkle girl but I think every girl needs some once in a while.

If you know me, you know why I need this. 

I don't own a boat, but I have taken a liking to boat shoes and their comfort. And the fact that they're leather. I love all things leather. Sorry, PETA. 

I'm a square toe kinda girl these days. I don't really need a #turquoise boot. But I can still drool and think about it.

This list is really just for my husband. Since I have a birthday coming in May. Just kidding. But no, seriously. Okay, just kidding. I've worn my snowboots and long johns more times than I can count this winter and I, yes, I, lover of winter am about over it. It's so brown and yucky out that I thought I might start thinking about spring. I'm a product person. I love trying out new things. Ok, maybe the same thing in a slightly different shade. I tend to be a creature of habbit that likes to try new things. Basically, I'm the biggest walking oxy moron there is.

I tried to put together a fun, brightly colored array of things........ but I ended up back at my usual Earthy tones I tend to choose. Hey, thank goodness for the turquoise, though, eh? 

No Mason Jar Monday today, folks. It felt so wrong having Mason Jar Monday on Saint Patrick's Day. But there are two mason jar-ish things on this list! Perfect. It's like Mason Jar Monday in disguise.......

1 comment:

  1. I love everything on your list! I've been eyeballing the fit bit bracelet as well. It will be mine once we have settled in the house for a bit. Until then I'll keep using My Fitness Pal app. Have you used that?


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