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Mar 24, 2014

National Ag Week 2014 #farmsmatter

This week, agriculture is being celebrated at a national level. It's a great opportunity for those in the agriculture industry to share their stories, share pictures and raise awareness. You don't have to be in the agriculture industry to celebrate. You can also participate as a consumer by thanking your farmers and educating your friends and family about agriculture.

As more and more generations become disconnected from the farm, it's important to celebrate agriculture and raise awareness not just this week but all 365 days a year. It's especially important for us to educate our youth. They are our future.

We all need to have an understanding and respect for the various types of farming and why each and every single farm and method of farming is important to provide the variety of food and shelter for every single person on this Earth.

A friend of mine who lives off the farm but grew up in our rural community has a deep understanding and respect for agriculture. She states why agriculture is important to her:

"Agriculture has done so much for us all! Without the advancements we have made there, we wouldn't have time to grow our knowledge in other fields. We have freed ourselves up to explore all science has to offer because we don't have to spend so much time simply feeding ourselves. Farmers rock."
Traci is so very right.

It's so easy for us to get caught up in our routine lives that we tend to forget about all the bits and pieces that make our lifestyles possible. Agriculture being one of those pieces.

Personally, as a woman, I am thankful that unlike my ancestors, I don't have to spend my days figuring out how we are going to preserve enough food to make it through on a day to day basis. I can spend my free time doing whatever it is I please! Many of us still have a garden in the summer but it's more of a hobby than it is for survival. We have that choice.

As consumers, we have every right to be concerned about our food, what's in it, it's safety and where it comes from. However, don't get so caught up with some of the labels, trending issues and concerns that are being raised by marketing and false advertising that you forget about the farmer and where it all originates. Farmers are living, breathing people and they still exist. You may think your food comes from a factory because that's what clever marketing wants you to think. "Factory Farm" is a term that destroys the reputation of hard working farmers and agriculture in general. According to the Farm Bureau, 97 percent of farms of the 2.2 million in the United States are family raised by people just like you and myself.

Here's to them.

Thank you to all the farmers and their hard work.

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