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Sep 18, 2013

when is fall?

I have a question for all of you. How do you know when the season of fall is here?

I had a good friend ask me about a month ago when the right time to start decorating for fall was.

She really had me stumped. I don't know why, but she always turns to me for decorating/home tips. It usually makes me feel needed, though. Usually I have a pretty straight forward answer for her.

It's not like Christmas where we start shopping and putting up decorations the day after Thanksgiving  (even though Wal-mart apparently wants us to start decorating NOW..) and we continue to celebrate the entire month of December and even some into January. And some even have their tree up in February. You know who you are :)

But how do we know when it's fall?

Is it the first leaf dropping on the ground? If that's the case, then fall for us was late July. For some reason my poor old walnut tree always loses his leaves early.

Is it the first day you swap out your flip flops for your cozy old pair of trusty leather boots? (If you don't have a cozy old pair of trusty leather boots, then you need to get a new pair of trusty leather boots  this fall so they can become old by next fall. And enjoyed every fall.)

Is it the first combine you see picking corn?

Do you go by the date on the calendar when summer officially ends?

I eventually replied back to her "You'll just know."

Because, well, I didn't know the answer to her question. I think she thought I was poking fun or being sarcastic, but really, it's up to you.

Krogers and other commerical stores get their items from an artifically lit green house and start selling pumpkins and mums extremely early; sort of how Walmart starts selling Christmas decor now. They trick us. I don't base my sense of when it's ready for fall by whether or not Krogers has mums and those miniature straw bales for $12 a piece sitting inbetween their automatic doors. Someone is getting hosed by the way. a) Your mums will die early and your pumpkins will rot before Halloween b) You can by a real sized bale of straw for $5-7. And you can make a 100 of minature straw bales.

I guess I officially mark my beginning of fall when I change out my summer wreath with my fall wreath. When it just feels right. It's kind of like the gun shot that goes off at the beginning of a race.


I brought my wreath out from storage a few times in August. I quietly put it away. But finally, this past weekend, I got it out again and it stayed out. I slowly walked up to my door and took down my basket full of summery lavender spray, sighed, knowing this was the last of summer and I have no clue where it went but I happily hung up my fall wreath.

No, it's not home-made, covered with burlap or sparkles. It doesn't have minature scarecrows or pumpkins littered about. It doesn't even contain the words "fall" or "harvest." It's just a grapevine wreath made up of berries and some yellow dried leaves. I like it. It's me.

I always have loved fall because of the cooler weather, cider, bon fires and combines. I never really got into the baking and the decorating until I started dating my husband. I turned his little house into my fall baking and fall decorating shrine. I am pretty sure he loved it, too.

Now that I have my own home. I really love fall. I love coming home to my fall wreath on the front door, pumpkin spice coffee in the coffee maker and cozy blankets waiting on my couch. I love seeing if the mums I sunk in the ground last fall come back twice as big.

So tell me, when does the season of fall start for you?

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  1. Yesssss! Thanks For Finall Answerin My Question lol


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