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Sep 10, 2013

two year wedding anniversary


Two years of marriage... already! Wow, time flies.

I'd like to say happy anniversary to my wonderful husband whom I am beyond thankful for every single day. Even if I don't always show it in the best of ways.

These two years have flown by faster than I can blink my eyes. It seems just like yesterday I was walking down the grassy, aisle arm in arm with my father on my way to greet my future husband on 9.10.11. I know, we had a pretty cool wedding date, huh? You'd think it would be easily remembered for years to come. That was a comment made by many a folk. No, ladies. In fact, it does not matter how easy of a date it is. He will still forget.

Me: So you know what tomorrow is right?
Dan: Hump daaaaaay!
Me: No, it's only Tuesday.
Dan: Hmmmm *followed by 5 minutes of awkward silence and stares* I am not craving coney dogs if that's what you're thinking. 
Me: Do what?
Dan: The B&K has coney dogs on special Tuesday.
Me: Ummm no. Try again.
Dan: Oh wait! It's the 10th! I thought that was a week away. 

Well done, husband. Well done. However, I still love him to pieces and we made a date to grab dinner and go to Lowes to pick out cellular shades for the kitchen. Yep, that's what married couples do.

I am not one to publicly display my affection or get all emotional but I must say that I am very blessed, lucky and spoiled to have found a husband like mine. The last few years haven't always been easy but they've been easier than they've been hard. If your marriage is 100% easy than you're not doing something right.

"Through sickness and in health" was a commitment we made in front of our friends and family on that breezy, Setpember day. Gnats were buzzing all over me but I was intently listening to my husband as he repeated his vows back to me. I watched him, intense as all get out, listening to me repeat my vows back to him as his best man winked at me.

I know I am still a newlywed but I've learned a lot the last few years. There's a lot of things you can learn when you begin to share your life with someone else. This type of sharing is like one I've never experienced before. My brother and I had to share mom and dad's attention, food (especially the peanut butter cups in Moose Tracks icecream), toys and luckily, not a bathroom. I shared a dorm room and an apartment with my college roommates.

But with my husband, I am sharing my life. My heart. My soul. A bathroom. Those are things that you absolutely can't give up to just anybody.

You have to be a hundred and ten percent ready to share your life, heart, soul and your bathrom with someone else. And I was. And I still am.

In ways, I've sort of become comfortable in my young marriage. I'll admit, I am not that perky wife in a cute apron with a hot dinner on the table every night, lip stick notes on the mirror and a card for every holiday. In fact, I don't even own a tube of lipstick or a cute apron. Some weeks I barely provide the man with enough clean undewear to get by. And there are times that he's lucky I squeek out some Hamburger helper for dinner in sweatpants.

But no matter what I make for dinner, how often I do laundry, what I wear or when I do remember to give him a card on a holiday, he always has a smile on his face everday and laughter in his voice. He never complains and he doesn't ask for much. I've only seen him get mad a few times since our "I dos" and once was over a glass of spilled water. Actually, it was last night; because it was a mistake I have made over and over and over again. He's okay with me making mistakes. Some even twice and thrice. I am thankful for that. But when I leave a glass of unattended water on the floor over and over again, he's going to get upset by at least the 10th time.  Anddd he did. Guess I can't blame the guy. But we won't cry over spilled milk  water.

I've learned from my husband that it's not always about the perfection, but the effort. That doese't mean it's okay to slack 100 percent of the time, though.

I do have some goals I'd like to work on as a wife. Goals to keep me from growing too comfortable. So, I will leave you with those. Maybe they're similar to things you'd like to work on as well. in your marriage or relationship.

I'd like to...

1. Being thankful. For everything. Every effort. Every smile. When I am thankful, I need to show him that I am thankful and not just think it. I saw a quote yesterday:

"Positive thoughts are not enough. There have to be positive feelings & positive actions."

This was good.

It really hit home to me. It's one thing to think something. It's another to go through with it. How can you apply this to your marriage?

2. Provide more compliments and confidence boosting. My husband is amazing at compliments. Whether it's dinner, a new outfit or an antique find. He's always reassuring that I made a good choice. I've never been one to throw out a lot of compliments to people. In fact, it's something I have been trying to work on with friends. I really need to work on it with my husband. He derserves that. He deserves to know when he looks extra nice, did a nice job on washing his truck or made a good purchase.

3. Stay healthy together. We aren't in the worse of shape, by any means but we aren't getting any younger either. I would like to encourage more healthy eating and more excercise than what we do. I guess since I do 99.8% of the cooking, I control what we eat and it's my responsibility to make better choices in the kitchen!

4. Help him more. My husband does a great job at helping me around the house. If I were to ask him to help with an extra task, he'd do it in a heart beat. Once in a while I get a huff and puff but he's always there for me. I seem to get so caught up in my own projects and house work that I often leave him out by himself when he's working on equipment or changing the oil in his truck. I love it when he asks me to help him even if it's something simple like climbing up in the semi to turn the key switch to test the starter he just installed. I just don't go out of my way to offer help. He's independent and doesn't like people in his way. But it wouldn't hurt if I asked. It's always the thought that counts, right? But the again, our thoughts need to become actions...

5.  Let him make more decisions. I will admit. We are a pretty indecisive couple. We are that couple standing at the Red Box for 20 minutes straight trying to pick out a half decent movie with three cars lined up cussing and blaring their horns. Ok, that hasn't happened yet, but it's my biggest fear. We are that couple sitting in the car between Red Robin and Red Lobster deciding which restaurant would be more suitable for the night; taking off down the road to check out more restaurants for an hour, coming back to Red Lobster only to find there's a long wait and we wind up settling for Chick Fil A. Usually when we do make a decision, it ends up being my choice about %75-80 of the time. Mostly because of my gluten intolerance and my hatred towards action and science fiction movies. It doesn't help that I have an extremely easys going husband, either. But hey, we all need to compromise. Luckily we both like Chick Fil A and comedies. It wouldn't kill me to watch a James Bond movie for at least one night. It just may put me to sleep, is all. True story.

And no mom, you're not getting any grandkids yet.

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