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Sep 26, 2013

share the road

Every year, I see it happen.

A combine having to go down a highway that was built across farm ground.

Lines of cars waiting impatiently to get by. 

Horns honking.

And then, there's always that one car. 

Mr. or Ms. Hot Shot. You know the type. 

They fly around all the other cars, drive in the grass on the other side of the tractor barely hitting a mail box just dodging the oncoming car in the other lane. Their middle finger flying through the sun roof.

It doesn't always happen like that. But I see similar situations all too often. Whether I'm in the tractor or I'm a civilian in a vehicle patiently driving behind the tractor until we can pass. 

Graphic by Old Blue Silo

People, it irks me.

It really, really irks me.

Mr. and Mrs. Hot Shot have no idea. Absolutely no idea. They obviously have no respect for the people that feed them. Of course, it's the farmer's fault they are late to work. Of course it's the farmer's fault they were up too late and over slept. It's the farmer's fault a highway goes right down the middle of his farm ground.

Yes, farm equipment is big. It's slow. But it's only getting bigger. The roads are only so wide and the power lines are only so high. It's a lot easier for a small car to pull over than it is for a piece of heavy machinery.

Be aware this harvest season and the many to come. When you're driving, remember, you don't own the roads. The farmers were there first and they kindly share the road with you. A lot of the times, it's hard for them to see you. They're focused on getting to the next field. There's only so many hours of daylight.

There, I'll jump off my soap box. Just be aware and be patient, guys. That's all we ask!

Don't be Mr. or Mrs. Hot Shot.


  1. I so agree with you!! We lived in a very rural area of Texas for four years and I've come to appreciate sharing the road with the farmers. They're on their way to work on my produce! Very well put. Reminds me of the song "International Harvester" from Craig Morgan. :)

    1. Ha, Kristi! Yes, I quite often think of that song. My husband and I sing it loud and proud :)

  2. Love this! I grew up on a horse farm in PA, and we definitely had to share the road with all kinds of farmers, and Amish year round!


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