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Oct 15, 2011

annuals and morning coffee

It's a little chilly out today but everything is still looking beautiful. Only a few weeks left until everything will be dead and brown. I took a few last shots of annuals so I can enjoy them via picture all winter long. I am excited for next spring, though. Our house will be done along with some of our demolition projects and I will have a clean slate to work with. I am going to rest my back all winter long because I'm going to be a landscaping fool come spring. I get such a high when I landscape. It's definitely a form of art and it's fun to arrange and pick out all the wonderful plants we have to choose from.  

The husband is out cutting beans with his dad this morning. I wanted to help but We have six. Yes six.. loads of laundry that need done. I don't know how two people accumulate six loads of laundry in a week but it can be done. I have a Catholic wedding to venture off to at 1:30 followed by another wedding at 3:30 which will be held out doors. The question of the day is. Skirt, dress or pants? I may go with pants. It's suppose to hit a mere 60 degrees today. Great harvest weather, but not so much for out door weddings. Luckily, the reception will be held inside at The Back Forty. This is where my wedding and reception was! It will be a trip down memory lane. It's a shooting clay business, but they built this beautiful rustic banquet hall in the woods. You have to check it out! They're using my wedding as the display wedding once the pictures come back. Right now I think they have pictures of one of the first weddings held there from several years ago.

Well, the dryer is calling my name and I should probably tend to my wifey duties. I was hard at it all morning trying to get this place clean (that will never happen! thank the Lord we're knocking it down this winter) and decided to sit down, post a few pictures of my proud anuals and sip on some coffee.

Enjoy your last few weekends of fall! It's going to go by oh so quickly....


  1. Angie, it's been over 2 weeks!!! I am keeping up with it and loving it : )

  2. Angie you were right... It's been 1.5 years! Ha! Guess building a house keeps one busy ;)


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