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Oct 7, 2011

the simple things

This week has been a complete breath of fresh air for me. I have had the opportunity to take a "week off" to clear my head, organize my thoughts and prepare for a fresh new career on Monday. This past month has been a month of change including our wedding, the honeymoon, moving into the *shudder* bachelor pad, making some big decisions on the house we are building and letting my employer know I was no longer wanting to work for them anymore.

This week I have taken the time to enjoy the simple things that life offers. It's been nice waking up every morning, sitting on the computer and enjoying a fresh cup of cinnamin flavored coffee along with a few slices of gluten free toast topped with my mother-in-law's freshly canned apple butter. I've enjoyed taking time out to help a few friends with their upcoming weddings. My new husband and I took care of our bank accounts, I went through the name changing process and I worked on some thank you note designs. I am still undecisive as what I'd like to do. If you know me, you know I like to do most things home-made if possible. I'm not impressed with the thank-you notes in the Wal-mart stationary aisle. If I HAVE to buy something already made, I try to get it from a retail boutique or a place like etsy. Wal-mart doesn't need any more of my money, that's for sure.

This week I've also been able to enjoy a home-made roast in the crock pot. Take care of mine and my husband's laundry without rushing. Do the dishes every morning and night instead of letting them sit in the sink for a few days. I've driven around the countryside watching the combines and the dust fly as we open this year's season of harvest. I'm anxiously awaiting for our start! Especially now that I am an official owner and investor of the farm.

I took some time to mow this week. That was beyond refreshing. My husband got me a "like new" zero turn Grasshopper lawnmower and a Stihl weed eater as my wedding gift. My absolute dream come true! I'll take that in lieu of a diamond watch or bracelet any day, thank you!

I've also enjoyed getting to play with my 4 week old kitten, Pumpkin and our 2 year old cat, Jack. We are not crazy cat people, but we love our cats! We found an abandon kitten a weekend before the wedding and my mom had nursed it back to health for us and we brought her to our home this week. It's been so much fun! Pumpking and Jack play and play and play until they wear themselves out!

This week I thought about unpacking all my clothes from my mom and dad's house. I also thought about getting caught up on ironing. I wanted to transplant our bushes around the house (they're still small) to a temporary location since we're knocking this house down this winter. I wanted to organize the office. I also wanted to organize the coat closet, too. But, none of that has gotten done and I don't care! I am enjoying myself while I am in the calm before the storm. New job. Harvest. Moving into the new house once it's finally done. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year's. Yes, it's going to be a crazy busy fall and early winter! I just hope I have time to sit back and enjoy all the simple things life has to offer. Sometimes that's easy to forget.

I don't have a very good camera at the moment so I've been using my beloved iphone to take pictures as of late but I'd like to share a few pictures of the home we are building. I've had the opportunity to sit back quite a bit and stare at it. Visualizing what it will look like when it's done. It's been nice because I've missed a lot of the building process when I was busy in the storm of wedding plans.

Absolutely, positively CANNOT wait until this is completely finished! I spent all winter designing the floor plan and I'm ready to see my design come to life. My husband is also ready to have his "farm shop" aka our ginormous garage complete. I won't reveal any colors right now that way you can be left in suspense! We have a long ways to go, that's for sure. I just hope we are in before the snow flies. This old house we are in now has single pane windows, an exrtremely old LP furnace that shoots air in just the living room and it's extremely expensive to heat. My husband usually has to put straw around the foundation to insulate the house and he was hoping last winter was his last time in having to do that. We shall see!

Thank you for enjoying my perfect week with me!

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