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Oct 9, 2011

combine date

My husband and I shared a date in the combine today! We had tons of beans to cut and his dad had a church function and wasn't around to help him today. Of course I am always happy to help. No, willing to help. No, more like ANXIOUS to help! You don't have to pull my arm to sit in a big red machine with a big picture open window next to the love of my life watching the beautiful scenery all day and our favorite country station blaring on the radio. I started our day off by packing a bunch of healthy snacks and lots of water. It's days like this I wish I had everything unpacked from the move so I had my lunch coolers! But the mighty zip locks will do for now.

Slipped on a pair of my "good" boots because all my work boots are still at mom and dad's! I promised myself I wouldn't play in the dirt too much today.....

I asked Jack if he wanted to tag along but he said "Nah, you guys go ahead! I am going to hold down the fort and maybe take a little nap or two.. maybe next time!"

And there it is! Everything is all greased and ready to go.

Now it's time for MAN versus BEAN! Although... we are not very intimidating as we tell silly stories, laugh and sing loudly out of tune to all the songs on the radio.

It was such a beautiful day! There were so many beautiful landscape photo ops! There's only so much an iphone can capture :/

When the combine hopper was full, Dan would go fetch the grain cart and I would dump the beans from the combine auger into the grain cart.

When we'd finish that process. He'd come back for several more passes up and down the field together. And he's back! Oh, hey there dear!

We are pretty dorky but we live for harvest time! So blessed for the beautiful weather we've had.

After discussing dinner plans, I decide to take one last shot of the beautiful tractor and head home to whip up some sausage & potato corn chowder to bring back to the field later! Recipe to come.

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