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Oct 8, 2011

annuals and wedding gifts

It's such a beautiful fall morning! But when you glance down at these shasta daisies, you would think it was summer. I can't BELIEVE how big these guys have gotten. I started a landscape project this summer on our corner by the road. A ginormous rock sits there and it was screaming "I need mulch! And some rocks! And maybe a plant or two!" I put mostly perrenials around the rock but I also put these annual shasta daisies for some color and they practically turned into bushes! My mom usually plants these in pots and they stay really small and just bud a flower or two. I am excited about this new discovery and I look forward to planting more in the ground around the farm next summer!

This day started off very early! I braved it first thing without coffee and that was a mistake. I rode with my husband into town in our farm clothes to get a few parts for the combine. The guys at the auto parts store kept telling me to wake up! I think we woke up earlier than we do for work! He did treat me to McDonald's breakfast though and I burned my tongue on the glorious coffee. Ok, McDonald's coffee isn't that glorious.. but it was COFFEE and that's all that matters! Once we got home, I decided to head back to the house and do laundry while he was working on the combine. I don't think we will be cutting any beans today but we shall see! We have two weddings to get around for here pretty soon. Hopefully they can get the combine up and running so my father-in-law can take a spin or two this afternoon.

Two of my really close friends are getting married this afternoon. This will be two of twelve weddings this year not including my own! It's been a very busy year. Between the showers, bachelorette parties, gift shopping plus planning my own wedding and house, I am exhausted! But, I tell you what, I couldn't be any more happier for everybody! AND I have an excuse to buy and wrap gifts! I LOVE wrapping gifts!

I'm pretty excited about the wrapping paper I found at Hallmark yesterday. I usually use kraft paper but this is very wedding-esque. I've also found a new use for all leftover raffia ribbon and burlap chair sashes from my wedding.

If you want to see what's inside.. check out That's my pan! Dan and I received one of these from his aunt and Uncle and I am now obsessed. They are such a neat gift idea! You get to pick a lid color, image and personalization. The pans come in a a couple of different sizes. You can also personal wooden utensils as well!

I suppose. It's time for a pot of coffee and figuring out what to wear to an outdoor ceremony and wedding! It's suppose to be 80 degrees today but once that sun goes down, it will start to chill off. I also have to factor in the fact that I'm buying about 10 bags of ice and filling tubs for the bride. This probably means no dress. And I should probably dig out a cardigan. Wherever those may be.... I'm still unpacking from moving out of parents. I haven't gotten much done!

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