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Oct 9, 2011

autumn landscapes

Last night, Dan and I had the opportunity to be there with Angie and Mike as they finally tied the knot!

Their ceremony was held at a church and the reception was nestled back in a tent at this little gem in North Webster, Indiana.

These pictures do not do that place justice. It's so much more beautiful in person. Absolutely gorgeous! What an honor it was to spend the day with them. They couldn't have picked a more beautiful location. See, Indiana IS beautiful! I get so upset when simple, close minded people bash our state and complain that it's boring and there's nothing here. Well, I'm sorry, but they need to just open their eyes!

Last night was kind of neat, because everyone was so smitten by the wonderful scenery. I saw phones (like myself), point and shoots and professional cameras of all kinds and guests of all ages just snapping away. Some families were even getting their portraits done because they were already dressed up! There were lots of great old sheds and even an old house. Perfect photo ops. Now, if I just owned a really good camera. Dan, if you're reading this... I think I know what I want for Christmas this year.........(That was totally not a hint of any kind!)

Anyways, I hope to get some great shots of harvest today. We are picking beans as soon as the dew dries! It's a very wet morning.

Congrats Angie and Mike! Everything was beautiful!!

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