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Oct 10, 2011

indian summer

This week has been too good to be true. Warm temperatures. Blue skies. Beautiful leaves. Colorful flowers. Combines dancing in the background. Ahhhh...

However, I am quite concerned about my mums! I ventured down to the green house next door ran by our old order Mennonite neighbors and purchased these mums about a month ago. They're still not open! Does anyone know a good mum doctor? 

Maybe I should water them more often? Help! Help! We're running short on time and this is the only bunch I bought this year since everything is under construction. I wasn't too excited about decorating the bachelor pad for fall and I don't think my contractor would have liked working around all the corn shocks and pumpkins I wanted to deck out the porch with on the new house.

I had my first day at the new job, today! I was pretty excited. I woke up early, drank half a pot of coffee and took my time getting around. It is definitely a breath of fresh air. Time goes by pretty quickly, too. Especially this time of year. After work, I stopped by to get a few essentials and rushed home to make my husband and father-in-law dinner. I was excited to use more of my shiny new Tupperware! We didn't get into the fields tonight because there was some work to do on the big grain bin that holds the beans that aren't hauled to the elevator out of the field. Hopefully, we're at it again tomorrow!

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